Laser Cutter SP3000 realizes customized POS solutions in record time.

HL Display was able to significantly increase profitability with the Trotec SP3000. Thanks to the high machining speed and the elimination of many pre- and post-machining steps, three fewer employees are now needed than with the CNC milling previously used.


Customized POS solutions


Leeds, UK

Laser machine

SP3000 200W

HL Display & Concept Data.

Concept Data Display Ltd., based in Leeds was founded in 1989 and has a long tradition of supplying the UK retail sector with an extensive selection of POS products. The company was acquired by HL Display in April 2021. HL Display, an international market leading manufacturer and supplier, offers in store solutions to improve customer experience, improve profitability, and drive sustainability. HL’s solutions are installed in over 295,000 stores in more than 70 markets around the world, in partnership with the biggest retailers and brands. Combined, HL and Concept now proudly boast the most comprehensive product range and manufacturing capabilities in the UK point of sale sector.

Inaccurate and time-consuming working procedures demanded change.

Originally, complex acrylic and wood molds were cut with a CNC router, while simpler ones were cut by hand. Since these procedures were unprecise on the one hand and time-consuming on the other, HL Display started looking for a better solution. They quickly ended up with laser technology. A small laser cutter brought initial improvements, but it could not deliver the required throughput and the small working area was a further limitation.

SP3000 makes high throughput possible.

It was the Trotec SP3000 laser cutter that finally solved the problem of production. The reliable large-area laser from Trotec has been in use at HL Display since 2017. Most of the time it runs in single-shift operation, but it has also been used in two-shift operation to meet the high demand for shelf and POS solutions during the pandemic.

The machine is mainly used to cut acrylic and thin PETG. The individual parts are then used to manufacture displays, shelves and stands. The SP 3000 200W laser cutting machine is also used to cut softwood for lettering that is used in stores as decoration and visual merchandising.

HL Display has been able to greatly increase profitability with the Trotec SP3000 laser. Trotec's laser cutting technology enables HL Display to achieve high processing speed and high precision cutting with minimal wastage. Since laser cutting eliminates many pre- and post-processing steps, HL Display now needs three fewer employees for the same production volume than with CNC milling.

"The Covid crisis significantly increased the demand for new shelving and POS solutions. Dispensers for cereals, new acrylic shelving systems for crisps in the supermarket, wooden crates for fruit and vegetables...with the SP 3000 we were ready for it. With the laser from Trotec we produce quickly, flexibly, and reliably. This enabled us to adapt to the most diverse requirements and to see the crisis as an opportunity.”

Mark Keenan
„Works Manager"

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