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The Giro, also known as Giro Italia, is one of the world's best-known cyclist competition. The Speedy 100 rode along with the parkour and served as a laser engraving machine.

Laser engraving bottle caps.

During the Giro one could personally encourage his or her favorite rider with a message that they could send via yourmessageonabottle.nl. The nicest entries were engraved on the bottle caps with a laser machine and placed in the bottle holders of the cyclists. More than 400 bottle caps are engraved during the Giro Italia.Engraving the bottle was done with a Trotec laser machine. The order comes from Samsung Benelux in collaboration with Team Sunweb.

Personalize as a connecting function.

The idea behind it was to involve fans in the Giro, not just by watching the Giro via television. This is how the idea came about to encourage cyclists by means of a brag. This was not only fun for the fans, but also for the cyclists. "The cyclists got support and motivation from the encouraging words on the bottle caps."

The Trotec benefits.

"All kinds of tests were done with different parties for the campaign. Trotec was the best. Not only the quality of the laser machine was decisive, but also the international appearance of Trotec. The fact that Trotec is located all over the world and therefore also in Italy made it clear logistically to go for Trotec. Everything went well and this is certainly worth repeating. "

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