Launching now! - Ruby® 2.3

Select import routines for PDF files

Define if multiple pages PDF's shall be imported as one design or multiple designs. It is also possible to choose a page limit per PDF file. 

Advanced text modules

With the font widget it is now easier to set font properties. This includes a preview of the font in the design and many other font settings. In addition it is now possible to select the font before you start typing. 


By typing a questionmark (?) you get a list of all shortcuts available. The list of shortcuts changes depending on the screen. Only available shortcuts are displayed. 

Set height/width of lines

It is possible to apply transformations (height, width) of lines as well. Proportions can be locked and unlocked. 

Select multiple elements

Use "Shift" or "Ctrl" to select multiple elements on the design or prepare screen. 

Material parameters shown on "produce" screen

The operator can now see the defined laser processes and parameter in the "produce" screen. 

User name instead of email address

On the top right Ruby® now displays the user name instead of the email address.

Many other improvements have been made:

Speedy 360 Run on Ruby® with Vision Design & Position support
Display of Job time calculation has been improved

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