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About Puget Systems.

Puget Systems in Auburn, Washington is a custom computer manufacturer that offers solution-specific workstations and servers to businesses nationwide. Servicing a wide range of clients including graphic designers, video game developers, and photographers, Puget Systems offers quality solutions with in-house technical support.

Using their Speedy 400 120 Watt CO2 laser cutter, they produce custom acrylic bracing for CPU coolers and video cards that are fundamental to their system builds, allowing them to ensure longevity and stability within their designs.

Upgrading from a lower-end system results in far superior edge quality.

Originally operating with a lower-end Chinese laser system, they experienced issues that risked the safety of their facility and employees. These issues led them to upgrade their laser to a competitor brand. The transition was tough. They had challenges dialing in the laser settings to achieve glossy edge quality, which resulted in downtime that forced them to outsource all acrylic brackets. In addition, they were dissappointed in the lack of concern for their customer experience. They returned the system after four months.

A Puget Systems laser technician came across the Trotec Laser Service and Support Center in Tukwila, Washington, while researching laser options on the internet. Based on their needs and the positive company reviews of Trotec they decided to set up an appointment for a demonstration in 2019. They were immediately very happy with the customer support they received. They purchased the Speedy 400 laser cutter as the cut quality was far superior to that of either of their previous lasers. Other reasons were the ease of use and repeatability offered by the JobControl printer driver, the increased speed that resulted in more profitability, and the system’s low-maintenance InPack Technology™.

Acrylic Processing time cut in half with a Trotec Speedy 400.

Since they began operating with a Trotec laser, Puget Systems has seen a dramatic increase of throughput, thanks to the speed and ease-of-use of their Speedy system. The workflow allows them to create high precision designs ahead of time and import them into the JobControl Printer Driver. Once the file is saved and the settings dialed in, repeatability is simple.

The speed has cut their processing in time half according to Puget System's Primary Laser Technician, Lorin Stewart. A full size sheet job took approximately 3 hours, but with a Speedy laser they were able to cut that time to only 90 minutes.

Like Trotec, we also sell a premium product, and we believe that you are not only paying for the components and reliability but you are paying for the experience. We are used to treating our customers that way, and finding another company that shares those same core values is what made Trotec so attractive to us.

Ashley Lesmeister
Production Manager - Puget Systems

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