Prepare screen

Find out everything about how to prepare a design for laser processing.

Preparing Screen

Finalize your created job and push it to the laser. Multiple settings to adjust like the Material or the Processing rules.

Pro tip: Press ‘?’ to access the shortcuts. They can be really useful!

This screen has 3 main areas:

  • Job list
  • Toolbar
  • Right panel

Job list

Search for a Job
Delete a Job


Add a new Job
Import a Job
Save as new
To select an object
To draw a line
To draw an ellipse
To draw a rectangle
Undo / Redo your last step
Zoom in and zoom out
Zoom in on a selection
Snapping on/off
Lock laser head off
Print and cut

Right panel

The Right panel is separated in 3 areas:

  • Production
  • Design
  • Laser rules


Queue your Job at the laser
Push your Job immediately to your laser


Design name
Inner geometry first
Adjust skipping overlapping cutlines:
– Skip overlapping cutlines: off
– Skip overlapping cutlines: Straight lines only
– Skip overlapping cutlines: Full
Add a tag
Coordinates of the selected object
To scale the selected object. You can also lock the two values
Rotation of the selected object
To mirror the selected object

Laser rules

Choose your Material by clicking on Material name.
You can quick adjust it or move to the Material Database and create a new Material.
Adjust your laser settings.
Click on it to adjust your Working area. You can simply adjust it by dragging.
This symbol gives you a warning about an error.


Updated on 13. September 2021

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