Installation Guide for Ruby® on U300

In this Installation guide we will lead you through the process of installing Ruby® on your U300. In order to install Ruby® with your U300 follow the steps below. 

You can also find a quick information on how to switch between UMark and Ruby® laser software at the end of this installation guide.

1. Install UMark software 

If you are using a U300 laser for the first time, install the UMark software provided with your U300 laser. Skip this step if you are already using a U300 laser with UMark.

To install UMark, run the setup program and follow the on-screen instructions. 

2. Install Ruby®

When UMark is installed, Ruby® can be installed as a next step. Download the Ruby® package from our Ruby® laser software page.

Run the Ruby® installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

A Ruby® shortcut will be created on your desktop for easy access.

3.  Address security messages

Windows Defender SmartScreen message:

If you encounter a Windows Defender SmartScreen message, download the trust message following the  instructions on the Ruby® help page.

Browser security message:

You may also encounter a browser security message, which can be resolved by installing the certificate .

Download certificate

Download the recent certificate from the Certificate link in Ruby®. Therefore simply change the visible Ruby® URL from

Remote Access URL: https:// . . . . . . :2402/app/manage


Certificate URL: http:// . . . . . . :5000/certificate

Install certificate

For the installation of the certificate please have a look at the following links:

For further information please check our Ruby® help page

4.  Import laser configuration into Ruby®

If Ruby® is installed on a PC that was previously running UMark the configuration will be imported automatically.

In case the configuration is not imported automatically, it can be initiated manually:
Access the hidden icons section of your PC and hover over the Ruby® icon to ensure connection.
If not connected, the icon will be greyed out.
Double-click the Ruby® icon on your desktop to set up the connection.

Before importing the configuration switch Laser mode to UMark first.

Right-click the icon to import the configuration from UMark into Ruby®.

After the configuration is completed the Laser Modus must be switched back to Ruby®

5.  Ready to Use Ruby®

Ruby® is now configured and ready to be used with your laser machine.

If the U300 is connected to Ruby® can be seen on the Manage Screen:

Should you encounter any issues or require further assistance, refer to the provided resources or reach out to our support team for help.

Switching between Ruby® and UMark

You have the flexibility to switch between Ruby® and UMark software.

To do so right-click the Ruby® icon in the hidden icon section to switch the laser mode between Ruby® and UMark.

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