Add your laser device

Here you find step by step how to connect your laser with Ruby®.

Important: If your laser is produced before the 15th of July 2021, you have to import the lasers configuration from JobControl via the Ruby TrayApp. Instructions below.

Serial number

  1. Click on “Add device”.

  2. Type in the serial number of the machine and click on “Add device”

  3. Click on “Trotec settings” to connect to the laser. Your laser is now connected.

Note:If your serial number is not working a error pops up in the bottom right corner. This means your configuration is not on the server and has to be imported using your JobControl configuration file.

JobControl configuration

  1. Open the Ruby TrayApp with a right click. Go to “Import Configuration”.

  2. Select “From File” and load your JobControl service file. If you do not know how to find it, please contact your local Trotec partner

Your machine is now linked with Ruby.

Updated on 21. January 2022

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