What is TroGlitter?

TroGlitter is a cast acrylic that is mixed with glitter particles. All 6 TroGlitter colors are easy to cut and can also be engraved. The glitter particles in the material make the cut edges look more matt than glossy, in contrast to normal acrylic. Since the base material, like the TroGlass series, is made of cast acrylic, processing is very similar to our existing acrylic.

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Parameter determination

Since TroGlitter is acrylic-based, the cutting parameters for TroGlass can be used as starting values to determine the optimal parameters. It may be necessary to increase the power or reduce the speed slightly to cut the material.

CO2 laser engraving tips

We recommend a resolution of 500 dpi. Since TroGlitter is not transparent, TroGlitter is engraved on the front. When engraving on this material, remove the protective foil from the top.

Turn on the Air Assist to achieve a strong contrast of the engraving. Rapid cooling makes the material appear more matt and whiter. 

Cutting tips

For the cutting frequency, we recommend a range between 5,000 and 20,000 Hz.

An optimally designed exhaust system is also very important for this material. Because the better the fresh smoke is extracted, the higher the quality of the cut, and the effort required for cleaning is much lower.

Use an acrylic cutting table or acrylic lamellae for a good cut quality. 

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