How to realise a strong, luscious tone of the engraved area

When a larger area is engraved, a rough surface can sometimes appear near the engraving area, along with dull coloration (e.g., greyish rather than luscious black).

The solution to this is often one or a combination of these adjustments:

Power reduction

Reduces the depth of the engraving and allows for a smoother surface of the engraved area.  Also, removing less material reduces the amount of residue and dust, causing dullness when settling on the freshly, and therefore hot, engraved area.

Increased z-offset (controlled de-focus)

This results in a wider laser spot, distributing the laser power over a wider area and causing an overlap of engraved lines. The combination of this will result in a smoother surface with higher color contrast at the engraved area.

Explanation of the most important parameters

Switching to a lens with higher focal length (e.g., 2.5'' rather than 1.5'')

The diameter of the laser spot increases with the increase in focal length. This will result in overcoming the high concentration of laser power at the focal point and therefore create a smoother engraving outcome.

Reduce air assist

The air assist is designed to prevent dust from settling onto the lens and thereby causing harm to it. For materials causing little to no smoke or dust, such as TroLase laminates, air assist can be reduced or turned off.

Regular cleaning intervals are recommended to make sure no harm is being done to the lens.

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