Insulated bottles

Tips for laser engraving of insulated bottles

Perfect for both hot and cold beverages, the bottles are heat resistant and use double-walled vacuum insulation construction. Our bottles are made of high quality stainless steel 304 and the colored coating is perfect for laser engraving. These drinking bottles give you the opportunity to offer your customers a creative and cost-effective personalization solution.

Laserable Bottles

Trotec's laserable bottles not only have a modern and stylish design, but are also technologically state-of-the-art. The double-walled vacuum insulation keeps ice-cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours and hot drinks keep their temperature up to 12 hours. The filling capacity is 500 ml. These engravable drinking bottles feature an air tight screw cap to prevent leakages and have a hygienic and easy-to-clean design.

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Parameter determination

To determine a suitable parameter, we recommend that you use the grayscale matrix.

  • The parameter set for anodized aluminum is usually a good starting point
  • If available, use a 2" lens. Alternatively, a 1.5" lens can be used
  • Use a process resolution of 500 dpi
  • Do not use a cone

360 degree engraving

With the Trotec rotary engraving attachment, you can use a Speedy laser engraver to process the new insulated drinking bottles.

  • For narrow engravings up to approx. 40 mm high, the bottle can also be engraved without a rotary engraving attachment. To do this, fix the bottle to the work surface. Ideally, use a template to perfectly position the bottles and to engrave them all at once efficiently.
  • The rotary engraving attachment is used for larger-area engravings. When engraving cups, one side of the rotary engraving attachment can be lifted so that the engraving area is level.
  • If you make a second engraving pass, make sure that the bottle or cup is well fixed so that the object stays in the same position.

Read our simple step-by-step guide to learn how you can use a rotary attachment to engrave round, conical and cylindrical objects.

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Advanced processing tips for soft paintwork

  • Do not use too much power to achieve a constant engraving result.
  • This gives you two different engraving results: with one engraving pass, the engraving has a gold shimmer, with two engraving passes, all bottle colors are engraved in silver.
  • With some paint colors (blue, pink, silver), a light/white engraving can also be created (power approx. 20-25 % / speed 50 %, 1 pass).
  • Due to the glittering surface, we recommend engraving simple and large-scale laser engravings. Rough motifs and broad lines are easier to recognize than fine engravings.

Advanced processing tips for glitter paintwork

  • With one engraving pass, the engraving appears “matt” for the colors yellow, light blue, pink, green or “metallic” for dark blue, red, black and purple.
  • Tip: Do not use too much power to achieve a constant engraving result.
  • With the parameter for two engraving passes, all bottle colors are engraved in “shiny silver” (reduce the speed to 35 % for dark blue).

Cleaning tips

With an optimally adjusted parameter, the cleaning effort is very low.
These stainless steel bottles are best cleaned with a window cleaner. To do this, spray a cloth with a little cleaner and wipe off.

If a higher cleaning effort or an unclean engraving should be determined, this can have two reasons:

  • The graphic is blurred if the performance is too high
  • If the output is too low or the speed is too high, a thin coating may remain on the bottle

In both cases we recommend an adjustment of the parameters.

Save the appropriate parameters in the material database so that you can use them again for future orders.

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