Paper Packaging Stamps

Make crafty stamps to decorate your business's paper packing. Baked goods, jewellery pieces, and artisanal soaps are just a few of the myriad products that can be packaged in branded paper bags, envelopes, and boxes.


Trotec Laser and Accessories

NOTE: Any laser system from the Speedy series can be used for this project.


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Step by Step

Step 1

Step 1: Prepare the Stamp Artwork

Create your own design, or use our template (above) and adjust it to your liking. If you choose to make your own artwork, we suggest avoiding highly detailed motifs and fonts. We also recommend avoiding very fine lines, as your stamp impressions may be illegible.

More Stamp Engraving Tips

Send the finalized design to JobControl® using the Print settings below.

Print Settings

Dimension Process mode Resolution Cut line
Professional 5212 from database (or user-defined size of 116 x 70 mm) Stamp 500 dpi optimized
Halftone Shoulders Others
black-white medium optimized geometries
Step 2

Step 2: Laser Process the AERO+ Laser Rubber (5 mm)

Place the AERO+ Laser Rubber (5 mm) sheet on the aluminum cutting grid table. Ensure that the laser rubber is fixed in place, as you will need to vacuum the debris remaining after laser processing. There are two general techniques you can use to keep the AERO+ rubber sheet in place:

  1. Use tape to stick the sheet to the aluminum cutting grid table
  2. Use an adhesive mat (available online)

 Cover the remaining work area on the aluminum cutting grid table to concentrate the vacuum suction force on the rubber sheet.

Afterwards, enter the processing parameters specified in the table below.

NOTE: The optimal processing parameters may vary depending on your laser system's available wattage.

Four-Pass Laser Engraving

In the JobControl® parameter settings window, set the Cut option to Skip. Afterwards, focus and position the laser head, and start the first engraving pass. After the first pass is complete, carefully and thoroughly vacuum the debris from the rubber sheet. Ensure that the rubber sheet does not move out of position. Repeat the engraving process three more times.
Note: Refocus the laser head before each subsequent pass, and also vacuum the rubber sheet after each pass.

Laser Cutting the AERO+ Laser Rubber Sheet

Once the engraving process is complete, activate Cut CO2 in the parameter settings window and skip the Engrave COoption.

Processing Parameters

Color Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Black Engrave CO2 100 15 1000 ppi
Red Cut CO2 100 0.5 1000 Hz
Passes Air assist Z-offset Direction Advanced
1 on, maximum air assist - top down optimized quality
1 on - - -
Step 3

Step 3: Assemble the Stamp

Remove the processed AERO+ Laser Rubber stamp plate from your Trotec laser's work area. Clean it with a fine-haired brush and lukewarm water. Dry the stamp plate with a paper towel and/or leave it to dry. Once the stamp plate is dry, remove the protective film from the stamp plate's backing. Proceed to affix the stamp plate to the base of the Professional 5212 Trodat stamp.

Make a few test impressions on a scrap piece of paper prior to using the stamp for your paper packaging.

More Ideas

  • Use a custom stamp to personalize special event favour bags (e.g., distribute stamped bags with goodies inside to wedding or corporate gala attendees)
  • Create colourful stamps for your business using the Trodat Multi Color Impression solution
  • Customize the Trodat Goldring 2-in-1 pen and stamp to make a handy gift

Triple-Pass Alternative Engraving Process

Stamp engraving can also be carried out in three passes, given that the design resolution is 1,000 dpi. This is due to the fact that more material is removed at higher image resolutions.

However, the time required for this triple-pass method remains almost identical to the quadruple-pass method, as the laser needs more time to engrave a high-resolution design.

Use the following print and laser processing settings described below. Also use the laser head refocusing and debris vacuuming process described above in Step 2.

Print settings

Dimension Process mode Resolution Cut line
Professional 5212 or user-defined size 116 x 70 mm Stamp 1000 dpi optimised
Halftone Shoulders Others
black-white medium optimised geometries

Laser parameters:

Colour Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Black Engrave CO2 100 25 1000 ppi
Red Cut CO2 100 0.5 1000 Hz
Passes Air assist Z-offset Direction Advanced
1 on, maximum air assist - top down optimised quality
1 on - - -

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