Black Marking Anodized Aluminum Nametag with MOPA-Laser

Learn how you can make black markings on anodized aluminum with a MOPA laser, using this name badge as inspiration.


Material needed
  • anodized aluminum
  • magnet
Machine used
  • SpeedMarker 700
  • 20 W MOPA laser
  • F254 lens

You can use any other machine of the SpeedMarker series, Speedy fiber or Speedy flexx.


When marking glossy aluminum, you may need other parameters. 

Creating a black marking is only possible with the MOPA laser. This is the only laser that colors anodized aluminum black through short pulsing. The conventional fiber lasers in the SpeedMarker Series, Speedy Flexx or Speedy Fiber Laser, can only create white marking.


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Step by Step

Step 1

Step 1: Design

Download our design file or create your own. Upload the PDF with the differnt layers into the SpeedMark software and fill out the appropriate parameters and fillings.

It is importnat to note that if texts are improted from a PDF, they have to be converted into into curves. If not, the software will not recognize the design as text. On the other hand, it is also possibel to create text driectly in the SpeedMark software

for Fill style Line distance [mm]
Logo cross lines (bidirectional) 0.03
Name Bidirectional 0.001
Title Bidirectional 0.001
Step 2

Step 2: Laser process

Now enter the parameter settings. They can differ depending on the laser machine used and laser power available.

Laser parameter Process Power [%] Speed [mm/s]
Logo Marking 50 2000
Name Marking 50 1500
Title Marking 50 1500
Laser parameter Frequency [kHz] Pulse width [ns] Passes
Logo 60 100 1
Name 200 8 1
Title 200 100 1
Step 3

Step 3: Post processing

Fix the magnet on the back of the nametag.


We recommend trying different coloured anodised aluminum and sizes to havea wider range of products.

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