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The Problem with Unsorted Cut Lines

When both cutting and engraving a workpiece, a Trotec laser system first completes the engravings. Cutting is carried out in the order in which the design lines are drawn in your graphics software. However, this may lead to the external contours being cut first and the workpiece tilting, or even falling through the cutting table grid. In either case, properly cutting the internal contours is no longer possible.

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How to Order Your Cut Lines

Conventional methods for ordering cut lines include:

  • Drawing lines in the exact order in which they are to be cut
  • Sorting the cut lines manually in a graphic design program before the file is sent to the laser
  • Assigning different colours to the cut lines in Trotec's JobControl® software, which are then cut in the exact order specified in the templates
  • The easiest and most convenient way to sort your cut lines is to use the "Inner geometries first" feature in JobControl®. It can be activated with a single mouse click, and this function will automatically sort your cut lines from innermost to outermost.

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Using the "Inner geometries first" Feature in JobControl®

Activating the "Inner geometries first" feature in JobControl® can drastically simplify the laser cutting process. All cut lines are automatically ordered, ensuring that the innermost lines are cut first. This feature ultimately improves the quality of your application, as workpieces do not move out of position as cuts are being made.

In addition, this feature saves time because the cut lines do not require manual sorting.

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