Ruby® 2.3 - 14.06.2022

New functions:

  •  Text widget

With the new text feature a widget opens that allows for easier setting of font properties. This includes a preview of the font in the design and displaying text properties only when texts are selected. In addition it is now possible to select the font before you start typing.

  • Separate Print&Cut camera driver installation via settings

To improve the installation setup the driver for print&cut cameras can now be installed separately. The driver will not be installed automatically with the Ruby® setup anymore. To install the driver please follow the camera installation guide in the Ruby® settings.

  • Material parameters shown on PRODUCE screen

The operator can now also see the defined laser processes and material effects in the PRODUCE screen.

  • Information about updates in settings/info

See the status of the update mechanism and when was the last check for new updates

Improvements and updates:

  • Enlarged job preview on PRODUCE screen

With a double-click on the job preview you can zoom into the job and you will not see blank areas

  • Shortcuts icon

By clicking on the question mark icon you get a list of all shortcuts available. The list of shortcuts changes depending on the screen. Only available shortcuts are displayed.

  • See on the MANAGE screen if a job has been produced already

  • User name instead of email address

On the top right Ruby® now displays the user name instead of the email address.

  • Set height and width of lines

It is now possible to apply transformations (height, width) to lines as well. Proportions can be locked and unlocked.

  • Directly enter number of objects with design array

  • Select multiple elements

Use “Shift” or “Ctrl” to select multiple elements on the design or prepare screen.

  • Unified UI for widgets

  • Updated interface for Vision Design & Position calibration procedure

Notable bugfixes:

  • DXF files import with correct color

  • PDF/CDR performance import improvements

  • Cutting of dashed lines (limitation: only one type of pattern per job)

  • Setup improvements

Updated on 14. June 2022

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