SP4000: Large Format Laser Solution for Soft Signage.

With a working area of 3.25 x 3.21 metres, the SP4000 is a fully automated laser system designed for soft signage applications such as banners, flags, or light boxes. The SP4000 offers an automated solution for cutting fabric from rolls with a maxmimum width of 3.2 metres. This large format laser system features high cutting speeds and exeptional accuracy, which together enable large scale production without compromised output quality.

A conveyor belt, feeder component, and unloading table can be added to the SP4000 to achieve your desired workflow.

Cut and Seal

The SP4000's laser beam melts the textile during the cutting process. This results in clean, perfectly sealed edges preventing the fabric from fraying. Even elastic material can be cut reliably without distortions. 

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Stationary Laser Source for Optimal Laser Power and Speed

Unlike many other machines on the market, the SP series does not carry the laser source on the working head or on the axis. This would signficantly limit the models' cutting speed and power.

 Instead, the laser source is installed in the body of the machine, and the laser beam is carried over the entire work area through the use of mirrors. Since the laser source is stationary, there are no restrictions on the laser power you wish to have installed. This is a crucial productivity advantage.

For typical soft signage applications, we recommend a laser power of 200W to achieve maximum productivity.

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SP series
Comprehensive solution for cutting large-format materials.

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