Functions and productivity-enhancing options for SpeedMarker series

Illuminated Interior for correct workpiece postioning and laser focusing

The LED illuminated interior for the Trotec laserworkstations assists you with the correct component positioning and with laser focusing prior to the marking job. It can be switched off from outside the machine.

Motorized lift door

The motorized lift door for the SpeedMarker 700 and SpeedMarker 1300 laser systems saves time during work preparation and ensures a high degree of safety for the operator. Thanks to the integrated laser protection glass, you can monitor the components to be marked also during laser marking.

Sitting or standing workplace

The large laser workstations can be used either as a sitting or as a standing workplace. This allows the operator to quickly load and unload components and is free to move, but does not have to stay at the laser system all the time.

Software-controlled x- and y-axes

The Galvo head can be moved on software-controlled x- and y-axes (in the case of the y axis, the y-table moves) in order to be able to utilize the entire processing surface at the large workstations. These movement paths can be controlled via the SpeedMark software (segmentation is also possible), whereby the entire processing area can be used in one step. With the SpeedMarker 1300, the software-controlled x-axis is already available in the standard configuration. With the SpeedMarker 1350 and SpeedMarker 1600, the software-controlled x- and y-axes are already available in the standard configuration.

Software-controlled z-axis

Save time when setting the laser distance with the software-controlled z-axis. With the software-controlled height adjustment, you adjust your marking laser to different workpiece heights. Laser focusing will thus be successful for any application. The adjustment can be directly controlled in SpeedMark laser software.


Even if most of the parts may be small and handy, there might be big and bulky parts from time to time. If this is the case in your business, just choose the pass-through option for your workstation. This makes the machine laser class 4 for that particular job, but offers you more flexibility.

SpeedMarker 700 RT - Laser System with galvo rotary table

The SpeedMarker 700 RT is a laser marking station with galvo rotary table and bulkhead. With this add-on, you can significantly reduce the cycle time during laser marking of series production parts. This will save you time when labeling components during the assembly of the laser system.

Optional: Design as standing workplace

The working height is increased by an additional base to approx. 950 mm which allows you to work in a standing position.

Technical data

  • Rotating angle of the galvo rotary table 180°, diameter 550 mm
  • Galvo rotary table with rotating bulkhead
  • Lateral door for service and for component labeling
  • Position-controlled Z axis for focusing
  • Control is integrated into the front

Options for the SpeedMarker 1350

Pullout table

A large pullout table as the Y axis, which is mobile across the entire width of the workstation. Work area:  1,000 x 375mm

Pullout double shuttle table

Two shuttle tables, each spanning over half the working area. These can be controlled alternatingly (for a semi-automated marking process). Work area: 2 x 500 x 375 mm

SpeedMarker series
Industrial marking of individual components as well as large batches.

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