Laser safety panels with safety concept

Ergonomics meets safety

  • SP-xP has retractable laser safety panels for easy loading and unloading. 
  • Panels provide safety (laser class 2) during the laser process. 
  • View of processing area and laser job in progress is maintained. 
  • Panels can be controlled on the machine or in Ruby® software, even in tandem operation Protection against laser radiation. 
  • Enable safe laser work even up to 7 mm above the material surface 
  • Laser safety concept including additional laser protection function 

The SP-xP comes equipped with retractable laser safety panels designed to enhance loading and unloading procedures. These panels seamlessly retract into the frame of the laser cutter, facilitating the positioning of large and heavy materials with ease. When raised, they provide comprehensive safety for the operator and individuals in the surrounding area during the laser process, adhering to laser class 2 standards. Importantly, they ensure an unobstructed view of the processing area and ongoing laser tasks. 

Whether through the machine interface or our advanced Ruby® laser software, users have the flexibility to raise or lower the panels at the front, back, or both sides. Furthermore, certain models offer the option to raise a laser safety panel in the middle of the processing area, providing protection from laser radiation even during tandem operations. 

Safety remains paramount for Trotec machines. Complementing the newly designed laser safety panels, our systems incorporate safety switches (interlocks), visual warning signals, and an autofocus check at the beginning of each job, all adhering to rigorous safety standards. 

The large format laser cutters within the Trotec SP-xP series are fully compliant with CE regulations, ensuring adherence to the fundamental safety and health requirements outlined in Regulation (EU) 2023/1230 Machinery Directive. 

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