InPack Technology™ - Longer Service Life, Less Maintenance.

Protecting Fragile Laser Components.

The unimpeded movement of the laser head axis is critical to achieving high-quality engraving and cutting results. 

Trotec lasers are equipped with InPack Technology™, which shields fragile components, such as lenses, the laser head, the leaser head axis, and optical parts from dirt and dust. You can operate your laser with confidence, knowing that your system is well-protected, even under intensive use.

Enhanced Dust Protection.

For applications that generate particularly high amounts of dust (e. g., rubber or wood engraving), Trotec's harsh environment kit offers additional system protection. The kit includes a protection strap, which keeps electrical components and motors free of dirt. It also features additional Z-axis bushes, which keep debris away from the laser head's path.

This increases your laser's service life and minimizes the efforts for cleaning your laser engraver.

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