InPack Technology™ - Longer Service Life, Less Maintenance.

Extending service life, reducing maintenance

  • InPack Technology™ shields laser components from dirt, ensuring trouble-free operation.
  • Patented design guarantees impeccable protection for vital guide components.
  • Harsh Environment Kit enhances dust protection, extending machine life and reducing maintenance.

Protecting sensitive laser components from dust

The cleanliness of your laser machine, when engaged in laser engraving, transcends mere aesthetics; it's the cornerstone of flawless functionality. When striving for superior engraving and cutting outcomes, nothing is more pivotal than the trouble-free operation of your machine's axis. Trotec lasers incorporate InPack Technology™ - a proprietary design meticulously engineered to shield the machine's vulnerable components, including the axis, laser head, optics, and lenses, from the perils of dirt and dust.

Our patented design guarantees impeccable protection of the vital guide components, ensuring years of uninterrupted operation, even under the most demanding workloads. The result? Enhanced productivity and a notable reduction in operational costs.

Enhanced dust protection kit

For applications generating substantial dust levels, such as rubber or wood engraving, our Harsh Environment Kit steps in as the ultimate guardian. With protection straps securing your laser electronics and motors from contamination, and additional brushes meticulously positioned along the Z-axis, the task of cleaning is markedly simplified. The end result? Prolonged machine longevity and minimized maintenance efforts for your laser engraver.

SP series
Comprehensive solution for cutting large-format materials.

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