Digital Table Exhaust

Digital Table Exhaust for SP2000 and SP3000

To reach the best and highest quality in cut while laser processing, it is recommended to get the best possible vacuum. The exhaust table can take care of this. With the SP2000 and SP3000 models, it is possible to activate the exhuast system only in specific working area. With material that does not cover the entire work area, the open areas usually need to be covered manually for an efficient vacuum. This costs time and money in preparing the work.

Thanks to the segmented exhaust system, the work area can be divided into four zones with the SP3000 and two zones with the SP2000. The segments can be individually activated by pressing a button on the operating console.

If the material to be cut covers only one segment, only this segment must be activated. It is no longer necessary to manually cover the surface.

Thus, you achieve a perfect vacuum and the highest cut quality.