Air Assist

Air assist ensures optimal results.

Trotec's Air Assist technology supplies a concentrated stream of air from the laser head. Air Assist is automatically switched on and off by the JobControl® laser software. Your Trotec laser system may be equipped with both the Air Assist mechanism and pump. However, if your laser does not have a preinstalled pump, all you have to do is connect an external compressor.

Air Assist improves a laser's cutting and engraving results because the air stream removes residue from a workpiece. Hence, discolouration resulting from debris being burned onto the material's surface is avoided. Furthermore, this feature prevents dust from aggregating on the lens, thereby lessening the risk of damage.

The following Trotec laser systems are equipped with Air Assist:

Air assist without pump Air assist with pump
Speedy 100 Option Option
Speedy 100 fibre Standard Option
Speedy 100 flexx Standard Option
Speedy 300 Standard Option
Speedy 300 fibre Standard Option
Speedy 300 flexx Standard Option
Speedy 400 Standard Option
Speedy 400 flexx Standard Option
SP500 Standard
SP1500 Standard
SP3000 Standard
Laserati Standard

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