laser engraving with high-quality mode

Creating top quality engravings with the “High-quality Mode”

What is the High-quality Mode and when should I use it?

High-quality Mode is a function inside of our JobControl® laser software. With only a single mouse click, you can easily create high quality engravings. Because quality becomes the focus, the engraving takes longer to do. High-quality Mode is for when you need a high quality engraving and time is not critical.

How does the High-quality Mode work?

During High-quality Mode, the laser moves across the whole length of the job at a constant speed, marking only the defined areas for engraving. Jobs get engraved at the same speed through the entire engraving surface. The final result is an even, clean laser engraving.

When High-quality Mode is not active, the laser head typically moves at a faster speed but only over the width of the actual area to be engraved. The final result has different exposure times and deeper engravings in some sections.

Summary: When you want a high-quality engraving and the engraving time is not crucial, always activate High-quality Mode.

How can I activate the High-quality Mode?

To turn on High-quality Mode, do the following:

  • Open the JobControl® materials database
  • Open the drop-down menu under "Advanced" in the right column
  • Check the box next to "Optimized quality". High-quality Mode is now active.

We recommend that you always activate this mode when quality is your priority. High-quality Mode should not be used when an engraving must be done fast.
Tip: A smaller resolution will save time but also lower the quality

The standard laser parameters provided on our website will always have High-quality Mode turned on for optimized quality.

Trying to find more tips and tricks for laser software?

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