businesscard card leather engraved

Leather Businesscard Holder

Make a good first impression with potential clients a personalized leather business card holder! Given the different types of leather grades and finishes available, you can create a truly custom accessory that aligns with your style preferences.

Equipment and Materials


IMPORTANT: Natural and synthetic leathers may produce hazardous byproducts when laser cut and/or engraved. Ensure that your piece of leather is safe to laser process.

Step by Step

Step 1: Prepare the Design

Create your own artwork, or download our premade designs (below) and make any edits you see fit. Our template includes three designs that differ in terms of shape, folding technique, and surface engravings. Send the finalized artwork file to JobControl® using the print settings below.

Print Settings

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Standard 500 dpi None
Halftone Others
Ordered Dithering Optimized geometries, inner geometries first

Step 2: Laser process

Lay your piece of leather flat on the honeycomb cutting tabletop. You may apply the double-sided engraving table tape to the outer edges of your leather piece's reserse side. This will prevent it from moving when being laser processed.
If you don't have a roll of the engraving table tape, cover the remaining work area (e.g., with standard printing paper) to concentrate the vacuum's suction force on the leather piece.

Enter the laser processing settings below, and start the laser cutting and engraving process.

Laser Parameters

Color Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Black Engrave CO2 80 50 500 dpi
Red Engrave CO2 20 2 2000 Hz
Blue Cut CO2 35 0.7 1000 Hz
Green Cut CO2 66 1.8 1000 Hz
Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Direction Advanced Path planning
2 on        
2 on 0.08      
1 on        
1 on        


Using the z-offset feature defocuses the laser beam. As a result, the cut lines are thicker than those created by a focused beam.

Step 3: Post-processing

As you can see in the graphic, we cut little holes with a diameter of 0.04'' along the outer edges in two of the three designs. This allows you to quickly finish the purses. Just use a thicker, tear-resistant thread and start sewing (without having to punch the holes into the leather).


Leather is a natural product that tends to burn during engraving or cutting. And it produces a particular smell. Furthermore, the cutting edges can turn dark and stain. Many types of leather can easily be cleaned. However, it is important to test the cleaning method at a discreet place. First off, try to remove the smoke residues with a dry cloth. should there still be residues, the leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth or with an alcohol-based cleaner.


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