Laser cutter christmas ornaments to light up your workshop!

A page full of free holiday projects just for you!

It's almost the most wonderful time of the year, and if you have a Laser Engraving Business, your workshop is already on holiday vibes. To help you gain the heart of your customers this year and guarantee my place on the good side of Santa's list, I have gathered a list of all the Christmas projects we made over the year. I hope these projects inspire you to create a truly magical Christmas for the people around you. So let's pick up some cookies and get going. 

Let's start with the tree.

The Christmas tree is one of the first images that pop into our heads when we think about the holidays. Check out these two unique projects making the famous tree out of simple cardboard. There are two versions. One is 1 meter high, and the other can be used as table decoration in any size!

Christmas Tree

Shiny Christmas necklaces using TroGlitter

Check this video from our very own Don Connel, teaching how to make these adorable Christmas necklaces:


A Christmas gift with a little twist

I know, technically, this project says "Happy Birthday," but with a bit of change on the text and a good choice of colors, this cardboard gift box can be a hit on every secret Santa! 

Gift Box

Shiny snowflakes

Let's keep on shining with these beautiful snowflakes made using different colors of Troglitter! 

laser cut plexiglass christmas decoration

Acrylic Christmas tree

Let's see another Christmas Tree project using colorful acrylic rings! 

Acrylic Christmas Tree

Really amazing 3D gift cards

Nothing says merry Christmas in a cutter way than this 3D gift card made with TroWood!

christmas card wood laser cut

Let's mix cutting and engraving in one Christmas Card.

This is one of my favorite holiday laser projects. The different colors and material layering make it unique and truly beautiful. Check it out.

Wooden Christmas Card

Multilayer Christmas Tree

Don is back, bringing a multilayered Christmas tree made with TroGlass Glitter, Pastel 3mm cast acrylic, and 3mm Trotec Cork. 

A true Christmas dough

Again, technically not a Christmas project, but if you change the giraffes for snowflakes, Christmas trees, or even reindeer, it can make a difference on those special Christmas cookies.

Rolling Pin

Multilayered Reindeer

You know it already. If you see Don on a video, good things are coming. This time is a gorgeous reindeer made only with Trowood.

Those big red boots

Now it's time to check this step-by-step guide on how to make those cute Santa boots with just three inexpensive materials! 

Christmas Boot

A long video full of good things

I know it's a 40-minute video, but where else will you find so many good ideas to make for Christmas? Okay, maybe here, but this video is part of this article, so it doesn't count! Give it a view. I promise it'll be worth the time! 

muffin cup plastics

Yammy cupcakes dressed for the occasion

We all know that Christmas food is delicious, but now they can be at the table ready to fit the theme. Check these simple-to-make cupcake cases! 

Cupcake Case

Back on Glitter, but now with a handwritten gift card

Let's use TroGlass Glitter to make a hardcover for a sweet handwritten Christmas card, perfect for giving a personal touch to the project.

candle santa clause laser

Can you engrave wax? For Christmas? Of course, we can!

Check out these cute little beeswax candles colorful and ready to be a part of your holiday decorations! 

Beeswax Christmas Candles

A challenge to make Santa proud

Last year we made a Laser Christmas Challenge with a bunch of beautiful holiday ornaments!

christmas card laser cutting

A 3D paper gift card

This multilayered paper gift card project is simple but very beautiful, ready to surprise your family and friends!

Paper Christmas Card

A Christmas full of light

Now let's go all the way to Australia to learn how to make a beautiful Led lit Christmas scene using very few materials.

acrylic pendant laser cutting

Turn a necklace into a Christmas ornament.

The title gave it away, did it not? Well, I know the project is for a necklace. But with a little color and, who knows a little glitter, it can become a surprisingly delicate Christmas ornament. Don't you think?

Lasercut Pendant

Another Christmas challenge!

This ho-ho-holiday episode is all about different ideas and projects for Christmas cards. Some remarkable work came out. Check out and see for yourself! 


Free your imagination with this Christmas tree

You can do much with a Laser Cutter in new colors, shapes, and sizes. Check out this unique Christmas tree filled with decorations made entirely of TroGlass.

TroGlass Christmas Tree

I was already missing the Glitter.

Let's go back to the shiny side of the workshop to make these beautiful Christmas badges made with our very own TroGlitter.

Inspiration for laser cut christmas decoration

Wood and acrylic to make the perfect table decoration

A wooden tree with its very own Christmas ornament. Learn how to do this gorgeous table decoration. 

Wooden Christmas Tree

Let's talk about table decoration.

Another gathering of ideas, this time, is talking about the decorations you need for a perfect Christmas table. Let's check it out! 

laser cutting christmas card

Laser cut gift card

This fancy gift card design can be made of any material and promises to win your heart. Check how beautiful it is!

Christmas Card

paper model houses laser cut

It takes a laser machine to raise a village.

During Christmas, the table becomes one of the key spots of your Christmas celebration. Let's discover how to build a village to light up the room!

Paper Christmas Village

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