Laser Cutting of Paper & Plastics in Packaging Design

engraved paper packaging

Cut packaging designs precisely with Trotec laser cutters

Flexible from prototype construction to small series

From prototype construction to small series, the laser is the perfect flexible tool for packaging design and form cutting. Laser cutting machines from Trotec impress users in the packaging industry due to their precision, speed and flexibility.

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One laser cutter for many materials

Laser cutting, perforating, grooving or carving gives you flexibility with regard to the shape and material of your finished product. Your packaging will be more than just a punched cardboard box. Whether paper, plastics, cardboard, corrugated cardboard or packaging films - Trotec laser cutting machines are suited for a wide range of materials.

Laser Cut Packaging

Create your own packaging

In this video, we're using our Trotec LaserPaper to create some packaging options and applications that you can make on your laser machine.
Whether you're a signmaker, acrylic processor, promotional company, woodworker, metal marker, textile fabricator or any type of business out there using laser technology - packaging your products is essential for sales.

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  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Packaging film
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Etc.
laser engraved paper packaging

Why Trotec

One laser cutting machine - many materials

Whether you are laser cutting cardboard, paperboard, plastics or foils and films. A laser cutting system is equally suited for use on all materials. The laser offers additional benefits when used on foil and film as it seals the edges. Unlike a punch, the laser does not damage the end product in any way. Corners are guaranteed to remain undamaged, contours are fully and delicately worked with the laser to the smallest detail. The laser is so delicate that laser cutting paper is achievable with no burn edges. 

Quick, easy, flexible

Laser cutting of paper, plastics or cardboard opens up a wide range of possibilities for packaging construction. Lasers are particularly well suited for processing delicate materials, such as paper, or also packaging films. This is possible because laser cutting is a safe, contact-less process during that the material is burnt in a controlled manner - and without affecting the color and texture of the original materials.

Robust and durable

Trotec laser machines are built for intensive use over many years and therefore have a particularly rugged design. Moreover, we only use components of the highest quality from leading manufacturers that ensure reliability and a constant high quality.

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