Laser Software Redefined: We present Ruby®

Makes working with your laser simpler and faster. Digital to the core.

14. Juli 2021 •

The laser software Ruby® redefines working with the laser. It accompanies the user from idea to the finished product. It offers unprecedented added value for engravers, print shops, manufacturers and schools. The platform guarantees profitable online order processing and, in addition to local use, also provides users with a connected, web-based and digital to the core setup for the first time.

Explore the laser software Ruby®

An intelligent future. Connected machines for the laser user.

“Laser machines will be fully digitalized in the future.” Peter Kratky, Managing Director of Trotec Laser GmbH, is certain of this. “The Trotec team has been working intensively on a new generation of software for years. The scalable software architecture has been developed from scratch. Now customer requests can be addressed  much faster. With Ruby® we’re setting new standards once more . Our customers will benefit from day one and they’ll be able to follow the digital change of our time in a future-proof manner." Kratky outlines Trotec’s mission and the importance of digitalization.

The graphic design software for the laser machine. For a seamless workflow.

You can create graphic, photo and text elements and make adjustments quickly with the integrated workflow. With all the graphics tools that laser users need. Ruby® allows the direct import of files such as pdf, svg, png, ai, etc. The complicated process of printing out the laser job from the graphics program is no longer necessary. Kratky sums up: “These functionalities cut time from idea to finished product in half.”

Connected working. Multiple lasers, infinite numbers of users, access anytime and anywhere.

Ruby® connects all laser machines in one network, locally or remotely. In this way, jobs can be distributed from multiple PCs or Macs to multiple machines. Jobs are loaded onto the integrated storage of the laser machine and processed without an additional PC. Thanks to the innovative workflow, jobs can be prepared by one user and produced by another, anytime and anywhere, whether in the office, at home or in the workshop. With this integrated, split workflow, Trotec is breaking new ground in user management.

Work with MAC or PC. Platform and client independence.

For operators of laser machines in particular, the new web-based software offers options that have been in demand for a long time but were previously unthinkable: complete independence from the operating system or the client.

Ruby® and Speedy 400 become one – the most intelligent and fastest laser in the world.

Ruby® – the most intelligent laser software and Speedy 400 – the world’s fastest laser engraver – become one. “Speedy 400 Run on Ruby®”: A touch panel on the machine makes it possible to operate the laser in the network via Ethernet or WiFi without an additional PC.

All Speedy laser users can now benefit from Ruby® 2.

With the official release, all Speedy laser engraver owners will benefit from Ruby®. Every Speedy can be upgraded to Ruby® for free until November 30, 2021. When you buy a new Speedy laser engraver, Ruby® is included for free. From December 1, 2021, Ruby® can be purchased at a one-time upgrade price of 980 euros. The upgrade is easy – material parameters and laser jobs are transferred over.

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