Laser cutting of foam with large format laser

10. Oktober 2022 •

Laser cutting of foam with SP large format laser cutting machines.

From foam functional parts such as packaging, case inserts, sound insulation to interior design applications, foam is used for a variety of printed and unprinted applications. There are also a variety of applications in the automotive and aircraft industries.

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Experience application example live : foam inserts.

In our video, our colleagues from Canada produce foam inserts. Ideal for organizing and storing industrial tools, instruments, promotional items, awards and other items you want to display professionally. 

Why is the SP series from Trotec suitable for cutting foam?

With the SP large format laser cutting machine you get precise results as well as filigree contours and clean cut edges. The non-contact laser process cuts the material without distortion and there is no need to fix the material. The laser cutter cuts and engraves the foam in one operation - without tools.

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