WCM&A offer sustainable production with Trotec laser technology

WCM & A manufactures gifts from a wide range of materials, including wood, acrylic and metal, using a Speedy 100 and a Speedy 300.


Production of sustainable promotional gifts


Herefordshire, UK

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Speedy 100 and Speedy 300 with Trotec Print and Cut

A passion for sustainability

Hereford-based promotional gift supplier WCM & A Ltd have been supplying customers with quality promotional gifts for over 15 years. As a sustainable British manufacturer, the team at WCM & A are committed to the safe manufacture of products through economically and environmentally sound processes, using ethically sourced materials with production techniques designed to minimise environmental impact. 

This passion for sustainability was borne from a desire to counteract common perceptions about the promotional gift industry, where products are often perceived as being cheaply produced and imported from overseas, having a negative environmental impact. WCM & A are accredited by organisations including the Trade Manufacturers Alliance, the BPMA and are also a Woodland Trust Corporate member.

Additional lasers to bolster production

With promotional gifts being made of a wide range of materials, including woods, acrylics and metals, the team at WCM & A have access to a range of different technologies in their workshop. This includes flatbed laser engraving systems, digital printers and fiber laser cutting machines, and formerly mechanical cutting systems.

For many years, WCM & A had used four laser engraving systems for the creation of badges and awards, using acrylics, woods and bamboo. Issues began to arise with the older laser systems as they increased in age. These issues were  particularly harmful to production times if they occurred daily. On occasion, laser power would have to be slowed down significantly on occasion to achieve desired results and overcome the machine problems. To optimise their production, Guy Danks, IT and Systems manager, and the team at WCM & A decided that the best solution would be to invest in additional laser systems, with a view to maximise throughput.

Having used Trotec materials for many years and being fully satisfied with both the quality of products and service received, WCM & A were keen to see what was possible with Trotec laser systems. After some internet research, Guy contacted Trotec to find out more information about the Speedy 100 and 400 systems and to arrange material sample testing.

Trotec provided a quick turnaround for the samples, with multiple speed and quality settings allowing WCM & A to compare and see what was possible. In contrast, their existing laser supplier provided a single test sample with one of each setting. This, coupled with positive word of mouth from a new employee who had significant experience with Trotec lasers, convinced Guy and the team that Trotec would be the right laser supplier for their production needs.

The year 2022 saw the addition of two Trotec laser systems to WCM & A’s production line. Firstly the Speedy 100 in January followed by the Speedy 300 in May.  

"WCM & A are committed to sustainable manufacturing. We only use ethically sourced materials and production techniques to ensure that environmental impact is minimised. The addition of our Trotec laser systems allows us to optimise production while minimising material wastage, especially with the Trotec Vision Print and Cut camera for printed materials.”

Guy Danks
IT and Systems Manager

Optimised workflows and laser production

Since the installation of the Trotec laser systems, WCM & A have reached new levels of productivity and efficiency. With the ceramic laser sources of the Speedy machines, they are now able to optimise engraving and achieve finer details in a time-efficient manner, in turn providing customers with improved lead times. The addition of the Trotec Vision print and cut camera system to the Speedy 300 provides optimal synergy between printers and laser technology. The accuracy of the camera and software provides pinpoint precision for print and cut applications, reducing material wastage to a minimum and further strengthening WCM & A’s commitment to sustainability.

Trotec’s laser software Ruby® has also been instrumental in improving WCM & A’s production efficiency. With many operators using the lasers daily, the intuitive nature of the software allows operators to set up their jobs logically and methodically to optimise workflow. Designs can be prepared from anywhere and sent to the laser ready for processing, while jigs can be created with ease to provide productivity benefits for the other laser systems and technologies.

A year after their first Trotec laser was installed, WCM & A are fully satisfied with their experience. Installation of the Speedy machines was a fast and efficient experience, allowing the team to begin using the lasers almost immediately. The knowledge of Trotec’s laser, materials and technical support team has also been invaluable to WCM & A, with the support from all departments allowing production to continue to run smoothly, whether it is timely deliveries of materials or help solving technical queries. Guy and the team commented that the support they have received from Trotec mirrors the standard that they themselves provide to clients.

2022 was the most successful year in WCM & A’s history, with continued growth of products and services set to be the focus for the immediate future. In 2022 the team also joined carbon offset and tree planting schemes, which are especially relevant to the increase in the popularity of their bamboo ranges. Expanding the number of bamboo products is focus for the team in the coming years and WCM & A plant trees for all bamboo and wood orders placed, further strengthening their commitment to sustainability. 

“The introduction of Trotec laser technology into our production seemed a logical step following years of material usage. The laser systems have brought a new dimension to our processing and allow us to offer high-quality products to customers with reduced lead times.

Trotec’s support has proved invaluable to us, the team always supply the best information to help us select the right products or optimise our workflows. Excellent customer support is something we strive for and it is important to us that we partner with suppliers who offer the same levels, with Trotec being no exception."

Guy Danks
IT and Systems Manager

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