Quality, intuitive operation, and security are a must at UniBw Munich.

University of Armed Forces Munich (UniBw M).

The University of Armed Forces Munich (UniBw M) was founded in 1973 at the behest of the then Federal Minister of Defense, Helmut Schmidt, under the name "Hochschule der Bundeswehr München". It is one of two universities operated by the Bundeswehr to train its officer candidates and young officers. Around 3,000 students are currently enrolled in the courses offered. More than 1,400 employees are involved in research and teaching.

The institution is also committed to inclusion and works closely with Pfennigparade Munich, so that people with handicaps and regardless of appearance, language or disability, can do internships at the university and in some cases get an outsourced job at the university.

High-quality laser engraving with intuitive operation.

In the business area of printing and binding, bachelor's, master's and trimester theses are printed and bound. Book covers are engraved quickly and precisely with the laser to meet high quality standards.

This production area also employs staff from Pfennigparade München, which required a laser system that is easy and safe to use and accessible to those with disabilities.

In addition to the quality and handling of the machine, the immediate proximity of the Trotec site was very important to us. Should there be a defect, a service technician is quickly around.

Richard Hartl
Head of Printing and Operations Logistics - University of Armed Forces Munich

Speedy 360 meets high requirements.

A demonstration in the showroom at Trotec showed that the Speedy 360 laser engraver perfectly meets the requirements for safety and repeatability. Once defined, optimum engraving parameters for multipliable engraving jobs are saved in the JobControl software and used again as required.

Additional added value: New projects such as high-quality Christmas cards can also be implemented quickly.

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