SignBox Ltd offers sustainable signage production with Trotec Laser.

The Speedy 400 has brought a new dimension to the processing at Signbox Ltd. The laser cutter's accuracy helps to reduce material wastage to a minimum, further aiding Signbox in its sustainability.


Production of Pictogram signage using acrylic, print and cut, signage lettering


Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom

Laser machine

Speedy 400 with Trotec Vision

Intelligent sign architects

For over 35 years, Surrey based Signbox Ltd have been transforming buildings into landmarks with their unmistakable signage. Taking a holistic approach to the design and creation of signs, graphics, displays and more, Signbox works with customers providing bespoke solutions tailored to the requirements of their customers, among which are household names like British Airways, Microsoft Corporation, Tottenham Hotspur FC and Expedia Group.

Signbox has been recognised as an industry leader, winning accolades from the UK Graphic Awards, FESPA and the British Sign Awards. The company is also a RIBA-certified knowledge hub, which delivers a CPD Programme to architects.

Sustainability is a key focus for Signbox Ltd and the company aims to be carbon neutral by 2030 and is dedicated to forming a sustainable and ethical supply chain. Signbox is committed to reducing its environmental impact, by identifying and utilising the latest environmentally conscious materials such as greencast acrylic®, PVC-free films, greenguard inks and solar-powered signage.

Production tools for all projects

From their base in Surrey, Signbox designs, produces and supplies interior, exterior and illuminated signage, digital screens and environmental graphics. The company offers an all-in-one service for clients, including consultancy, design, project management and installation.

In their workshop, the Signbox team uses a range of different technologies, including a laser cutter, UV inkjet and wide format printers, digital cutters and vinyl plotters. Acrylic pictogram signs, one of Signbox’s most popular products, are laser cut at the premises. Laser technology creates a stand-out polished edge on the acrylics and the laser also cuts through materials with adhesive backing, something not possible with their routers. Signbox’s first laser cutter served the company well for much of its existence, however, a serious hardware failure required the team to seek an urgent replacement to avoid costly downtime and outsourcing for their ongoing projects.

Mark Bartlett and the team promptly began searching for a suitable replacement system and discovered Trotec’s recently launched R500 laser cutter, a system with a comparable working area to the laser they were replacing. Mark contacted Trotec to find out more about the laser system and booked a laser cutter demonstration at Trotec’s showroom in Guildford Surrey.

During the demonstration, the Trotec representative tested samples of Signbox material that Mark had brought with him. The R500 and the Speedy 400 laser cutters were put to the test and despite the smaller working area of the Speedy system, Mark was impressed with the processing speed and options such as the Vision Print and Cut camera system, as well as Trotec's support offering. As a result, Mark and the team invested in a Speedy 400 with Trotec Vision.

Next level processing

The Speedy 400 has brought a new dimension to the processing at Signbox Ltd. The intuitive nature of the laser software was praised by Signbox staff, making the workflow from design to finished product a smooth and efficient process. Each standard pictogram sign is saved as a template within the software, while custom orders are quick and easy to set up, allowing the team at Signbox to maintain a high throughput. The accuracy of the laser cutter helps to reduce material wastage to a minimum, further aiding Signbox in its sustainability.

Print and cut applications are another popular service offered by Signbox, with Trotec’s Vision camera system and software offering optimal synergy between the laser and printers. The camera reads and automatically adjusts the cutting file for any deviations between the file and artwork, ensuring an accurate cut with no material wastage.

Mark describes the purchase process as efficient, with Signbox receiving the best advice from their initial phone call right through to the demonstration and beyond. The ability to have their own materials tested during the demonstration helped the team to make an informed decision about which laser was right for their production requirements.

Prior to their machine being installed, Trotec’s area manager helped Signbox to complete a project with an impending deadline which would not have been possible without access to a laser, leaving Mark and the team in no doubt that they can depend on Trotec’s support.

Looking to the future, Mark and the team are keen to maintain their current levels of work across all their ranges, with scope to expand and develop new products and services to bolster their range. With the laser offering economical and fast production of pictogram signs and more, Mark and the team are confident they have the right tools to take the business forward for years to come.

Trotec’s service and the quality of the laser are first class. All our contact with Trotec has been seamless and efficient, while the laser system itself provides a reliable and economical workhorse for speedy and sustainable production of our pictogram signs. We are very excited to go forward with the laser into the future.

Mark Bartlett
Managing Director

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