Laser engraving of wood for name tags

Uniquely Personal Company Making Uniquely Personal Gifts.

Uniquely Personal Company Making Uniquely Personalized Gifts.

Founded by Jan Augustijnen in 2016, JAZER is a companmy dedicated to creating personalized products, as unique as the customer that commissions them. Offering both the personalization of existing products and the design of one of a kind pieces, JAZER is a great solution when searching for a standout wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift.

Bananas For New Ideas.

"Actually I wasn't looking for a laser machine, until I ran into one on the Internet. Then a lot of ideas popped up in my head for starting my own business. Laser technology offers a lot of possibilities. Nowadays I laser engrave for example tree stumps, pens and usb sticks. Whatever the customer wants, I engrave. I really love experimenting, I tried laser engraving fruit and I even ended up in the Belgian newspaper! I engraved names and ages on apples and bananas. It really generated a lot of interest. Next to this I process wood, acrylic, laminates and glass with my Speedy 100", states Jan Augustijnen.

A Uniquely Trotec Solution.

"The quality of the Trotec laser machines made me choose for Trotec. I'm very satisfied about Trotec. The machine does everything it needs to do. Sometimes you need to play around with the right parameters, but this is fun, you get to know the machine even better by doing this", states Jan Augustijnen.

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