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About InnAut

In practice, many young people in the Netherlands are sitting at home for long periods of time. A shame, because many of them have technical talent. The organization InnAut leads affected young people to a full-fledged job in the technical sector. During this process, both the youth and the employer are guided by InnAut. The aim of InnAut is to offer every young person, with or without support from government, municipalities or schools, a chance to develop in a technical position.

Co-founder Peter van Putten himself, before founding InnAut, had worked within the technical sector. During that time, Peter discovered that among many young people there is considerable interest and talent for technology. However, these young people often fail to find a job in that sector. "This while the capabilities are one-to-one the same as people who do work in that sector," Peter says. This could be different and so four years ago he (co)started InnAut.

InnAut empowers projects with Speedy 400 Laser

In the beginning, there were two Chinese laser machines in use at the makerspace to realize projects at InnAut. "Laser cutting is an accessible way where someone can easily and safely start working on the machine independently," says Peter. However, you don't find the Chinese laser cutters that were in use at InnAut in real business. As InnAut wants to get young people into technical companies, they needed to invest into equipment that can also be found in the real working world."And that's why at InnAut we chose to purchase the Speedy 400," Peter says.  

"Young people quickly find their way around the Trotec laser and can get on with their tasks efficiently and safely. It is a very accessible machine, especially in combination with Ruby®, and just works great!"

Peter van Putten

Getting to know the business world

The Trotec Laser has - so to speak - displaced the Chinese models at InnAut, becoming the preferred choice. Practically all of the young people at InnAut are actively engaged with this laser machine, with a total of around 15 to 20 people. According to Peter, this preference is due to the machine's ease of use and its reliability. 

 “Ruby® is such an easy-to-use software and very intuitive. I'm looking forward to upcoming new features, which I'm sure will help make our work with the laser even more convenient and faster.”

Peter van Putten

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