Impress: Stamp and engraving business thrive thanks to Trotec lasers

Impress developed into one of the largest suppliers of stamps in Belgium with laser machines from Trotec. Thanks to the lasers the striving company enlarged the product portfolio and now offers complete signage and a personalization service.


Creating visual communications for businesses, such as logos, arrows, stamps and engravings


Bellegem, Belgium

Laser machine

Laserati, Speedy 300 & Speedy 400

About Impress

The family business Impress was founded in 1985 by Alexis Glorieux's parents and focused on stamp making. In 2019, the company was taken over by Alexis and his sister who today run the company with great passion. As co-director within Impress, Alexis is mainly involved with directing production, purchasing raw materials and consulting with his sister. 
With the ten-member team, they now make all kinds of laser projects within Impress. From stamps to house number plates and from machine plates to various types of engraving work. 
Impress's customers are primarily found in the office supply industry. "Our biggest customers are large, national companies in Belgium. That is also where our focus lies at the moment," explains the co-owner. Since COVID, they also focus on architects and contractors and would like to expand into the international market in the future.

"I have been a customer of Trotec Laser for 13 years and very satisfied with the Speedy 300 and Speedy 400. Also the materials I purchase from Trotec are always of good quality. In the future we also want to replace the Speedy 300 and then we will be at your door again."

Alexis Glorieux

Increasing stamp production with a Trotec Laser

Alexis' father bought his first laser machine around 2010 - a Laserati from Trotec. "My father bought this laser for stamp production at that time because we had previously done everything by hand and wanted to increase production. The Laserati was chosen because it was the fastest of its kind. The machine has helped us enormously to increase production and the quality of the stamps," says Alexis.

More lasers for a larger product portfolio

The purchase of the Laserati was so well received that an investment was made in a Speedy 300 in 2013. This laser machine is still in use today.  Since the Speedy 300 cannot cover all applications, a Speedy 400 was purchased in 2019. The powerful Speedy 400 xx Watt is now also used mainly to cut thicker acrylic. 

"Most of the materials I also buy from Trotec Laser. I especially buy a lot of Trolase and Veneer from Trotec. These materials are also processed on the Speedy 400. The laser machine runs daily because we have a wide and large range of jobs"

Alexis Glorieux

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