Hofmann print shop uses laser to increase diversity.

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Abou the company "Hofmann Druck und Verlag".

Hofmann Druck und Verlag combines solid craftsmanship with digital high-tech in a 50-year family tradition. The medium-sized company from the Upper Palatinate (near Regensburg) today employs 40 people.
The company has been setting, producing and distributing the Maxhütte and Regenstauf newsletters there for decades, with an estimated reach of around 26,000 readers.
The strength of this medium-sized print shop lies in the high level of flexibility made possible by its wide range of products. Offset and digital printing, bookbinding, laser services (print finishing) and the Letter Shop enable the company to respond to specific customer requirements and respond directly.


Wider product range through laser technology.

For a long time, stamps were purchased from a supplier. After the supplier gave up his business, it was a good idea to take over and expand this business. So now one is able to produce stamps, but also signs (for doors, bells or mailboxes) up to Christmas tree decorations or gifts in the house. Over these product extensions also additional customers came: for example electrical companies, which mark smoke detectors with the engraved plates. At the same time, existing technologies can now be combined and, for example, book covers can be provided with an individual and high-quality laser engraving in the bookbindery.

Whether cork, wood, acrylic or multi-layer laminates - at Trotec we not only get a wide range of products but also have the advantage that all materials have already been tried out on the laser. This gives us access to the right laser parameters and help at any time through the parameter hotline or customer service. So far, we have only had good experiences with it.

Rainer Hofmann
Managing Director Hofmann Druck und Verlag
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Everyday products and specialties from the region.

The service provider taken over at that time already had a laser from an American manufacturer. After it was already 20 years old, the company decided to invest in a new laser. Hofmann print shop came to Trotec based on a customer recommendation and was immediately convinced that it had found the right supplier because of the regional proximity to the manufacturer, the competent advice of the salesperson and the local service and training offerings.

"Nowadays, many people talk about regional products and often only see food in focus. But some people overlook the fact that there are so many other everyday things that can be bought regionally. Our company has a strong connection to the region. This is important to us, which is why we are primarily interested in only one such supplier. A laser from China or the USA was therefore not even up for discussion. We have now been working with the Speedy 100 for almost 2 years and have never regretted our decision to choose Trotec lasers. The laser gives us the opportunity to serve our customers even more comprehensively with a wide variety of print products, to stand out from the "masses" and to further expand our strengths". Rainer Hofmann from Hofmann Druck und Verlag.

team hofmann
Rainer Hofmann
Managing Director Hofmann Druck und Verlag

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