Trotec laser is a priceless investment for Glamglass Gifts.

About the customer.

Glamglass Gifts is an independent business founded by Rachel Boyd. Based in Wallasey, Rachel offers a range of different products including jewellery, glass products, personalised gifts, as well as bespoke customer orders.

Buying my Trotec laser was the best business decision I have made. Just being able to bring to life the ideas is worth every penny

Rachel Boyd
Owner, Glamglass Gifts

Initially when Glamglass Gifts was founded, Rachel focused heavily on creating jewellery and glass giftware. To expand her product range, she wanted to branch out and be able to offer customers bespoke orders and to find a way to bring her own ideas to life in an easy manner.

Rachel began looking into different technologies that would allow her to achieve her ambition of expanding her product range including working with a wider range of material. After careful consideration, Rachel did some research into the different technologies available, ultimately deciding that laser technology was the ideal technology for this process. After researching a variety of different suppliers, Rachel contacted Trotec to book a demonstration at her local showroom.

I have used several Trotec materials in the past and I am currently trialling TroLase Thins to create signage. The material's flexibility offers great scope for creative applications and so far the results are very promising.

Rachel Boyd
Owner, Glamglass Gifts

As part of Rachel's quest to find a laser supplier, customer support as well as the reliability of the laser machine were paramount to her final decision. Rachel met with her Trotec area manager at her local showroom to discuss the range of options that were available to her. After trialling various machines in the showroom Rachel opted for a Speedy 100 laser cutter.

One of the key aspects of the laser which impressed Rachel was the JobControl laser software. Not only is the software intuitive, it allows her to easily edit her ideas before processing. This is an invaluable benefit, as it reduces wasted material and saves production time.

Throughout her Trotec journey, Rachel has felt completely supported. The professional and courteous treatment she received from her area manager has been replicated across all Trotec employees that Rachel has spoken to. Being easily able to contact Trotec if any issues arise has also proven to be beneficial. Rachel is confident that she chose the right laser machine supplier to help her take the business to the next level.

Alongside her bespoke product offering, Rachel has expanded her product range to include cake toppers which have become very popular with customers.

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