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Cutting Technologies relies on the SP3000 for high quality cutting results on acrylic and sees Trotec as the ideal partner thanks to the excellent and reliable service provided.


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About Cutting Technologies

Based in Barnsley, Yorkshire, Cutting Technologies is a leading laser cutting service provider that has served diverse industries for over 20 years. Founded by Barry Proctor and Martin Cook, Cutting Technologies is committed to providing exceptional service to clients. Specialising in providing high-quality laser cutting services for metals, woods, and plastics, the company utilises a range of laser cutters, including Trotec and Bystronic systems.
Initially focusing on day shifts, the company has grown rapidly in 20 years to offer a round-the-clock service to meet client orders while setting a new precedent in the field of laser cutting services. This flexibility, coupled with their varied technologies, allows Cut Tec to deliver clients a complete service without compromising on quality.

Diversification and expansion

One of the distinguishing aspects of Cutting Technologies is their ability to handle an extensive range of materials with exceptional precision. From ultra-thin .5 mm metals to robust 20 mm thicknesses, the company’s expertise covers a wide spectrum of industrial needs. The company began with a single metal cutting laser, quickly expanding with a further two systems.  
In 2010, Cut Tec saw the potential for material expansion and diversification due to the evolving demands of the market. This led the team to extend their services to include cutting and etching of plastics and wood. Cut Tec invested in a Speedy 300 flatbed engraver from Trotec to operate alongside two new 3000 x 2000 mm, 400 watt laser cutters from another manufacturer. The Speedy 300 is still used for small format cutting and engraving jobs more than a decade later. 
In 2022, one of their large format CO2 laser cutters needed to be replaced. The Cut Tec team were keen to see Trotec’s large format laser cutters which the manufacturer had brought to the market since Cut Tec had made their initial foray into CO2 laser cutting back in 2010. The reliability of the Speedy machine, coupled with Trotec’s reliable service and support network gave Cut Tec confidence in the laser supplier, so they visited Trotec’s showroom in Guildford, Surry, where the SP3000 was available for demonstration. Impressed with the machine's capabilities, Cut Tec invested in an SP3000 which was installed in October 2022. 

The Trotec large format laser investment

Since investing in Trotec’s SP3000 large-format laser cutter, the system has become Cut Tec’s go-to machine for cutting plastics, wood, acrylic and more. With Trotec's cutting-edge technology, Cut Tec can now achieve a refined finish that negates the requirement for flame polishing. The cut acrylic features a glass-like edge, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the finished products, without any additional production steps. 
As a subcontract laser cutting company, Cut Tec prioritises responsiveness and reliability in their equipment suppliers. Trotec's reputation for superior products and outstanding customer service resonated with the team, especially the comprehensive support available through Trotec’s UK-based engineers. This reassured the Cut Tec team that they would have the necessary technical backup in case of interrupted operations, allowing them to quickly return to productivity.
Cutting Technologies has come a long way since its inception, fueled by a passion for delivering high-quality laser cutting solutions and unparalleled customer service. From their humble beginnings to their current standing as a leading name in the industry, the team embrace innovation and continually invest in the best equipment.
Their three metal cutting lasers, coupled with Trotec’s large format SP3000 laser cutter and the Speedy 300 laser engraver, ensure that Cutting Technologies can provide clients with the optimal solution for their needs while delivering high-quality products.

Our success is built on the foundation of a customer-focused philosophy. When a client approaches us with a challenge or requirement, our priority is to address it promptly and effectively. This is why we have strategically invested in cutting-edge equipment.
Our SP3000 laser cutter is the go-to solution for plastics and woods, and by choosing the best equipment for the job we can deliver high-quality products to our customers, regardless of the material or project complexity.

Leon Allen
Sales and Marketing Director

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