Créations Dani - Personalised gifts "engraved in France"

Créations Dani relies on 5 Trotec laser machines to offer their customers personalized laser engraved products made in France. The introduction of laser technology proved to be profitable from the very first year, as it significantly increased productivity.


Souvenir gifts personalization


Haute-Savoie in France

Laser machine

2 speedy 300 Flexx, 2 Speedy 300, 1 Speedmarker 1300

About Créations Dani.

Créations Dani is a family business founded in 1979, located in Haute Savoie in France, specialized in the wholesale of souvenir gifts. The activity is composed of a trading part (80%) and a product transformation part (20%). With around 10 employees, Créations Dani performs sublimation, cold and hot transfer and, for some years now, laser engraving on a wide range of products (pens, flasks, mugs, flasks, bottles, etc.). The company works mainly with mountain retailers in France, but also exports its products to Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium and sells them through a distributor in Switzerland.

Reaching out for new, more efficient production methods.

Créations Dani was looking for a solution for its sublimation workshop to cut transfer papers and thus increase productivity. For a long time, they had entrusted and subcontracted this task to a sheltered workshop, whose productivity gradually proved to be insufficient. When Damien Cornu, co-director at Créations Dani approached Trotec Laser he was not only impressed by the speed and the accuracy of the Trotec laser machines, but also by the responsiveness and professionalism of the sales and technical teams of the company. So, in March 2018 Créations Dani invested into its first Trotec laser. 

"A mountain of products" engraved in France with Speedy and Speedmarker

Thanks to the Speedy 300, Créations Dani has gradually expanded its portfolio by offering personalized laser engraved products which turned out to be a really successful business. Between 2018 and 2020, Créations Dani continued to grow, and invested into 3 more Trotec laser machines. In 2021, they bought a Speedmarker to widen their field of action and engrave also metal products. Trotec developed tailor-made processes for the partial automation of production. With this solution, Créations Dani can now achieve a high level of production consistency. 

At Créations Dani, the laser engraving activity has been profitable from the very first year onwards and has increased productivity a lot. By the complementary use of Speedy and Speedmarker, Créations Dani can engrave a wide range of products, respond quickly to customers’ needs and flexibly follow current trends, such as the one for more natural products -away from plastic. The company has reduced production times and now fulfils and delivers orders within an average of ten days. In addition, the very positive feedback from customers on the engraving quality has contributed to the growing success of Créations Dani. Finally, the fact that the engraving is done in France, in their own workshop, brings real added value and is much appreciated by customers, especially in the current context, where "made in France" is in high demand.

"I see my collaboration with Trotec as a true partnership, a relationship of trust. Trotec Laser provides me with expertise, quality machines, advice and after-sales service that I am very satisfied with. I appreciate having a single contact person to whom I can address all my requests. When the supplier meets our needs, we don't go elsewhere."

Damien Cornu

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