Building partnerships with Trotec laser.

About Building BloQs.

Building BloQs is a social enterprise consisting of over 350 members stationed in London, UK. They offer a professional environment and a large variety of tools for use with wood, textiles, paint, metal and more. Inside of its workspace, Building BloQs has a large format laser cutting machine that is used by both members and Building BloQs themselves to create a huge range of products like laser cut fashion, acrylic jewlery, furniture, decor and theatre props. Because of the variety of different items made by its members in the workshop, Building BloQs had to get them a trustworthy machine that could produce what they need.

The challenge for Building BloQs.

A lack of reliability and no support with their old laser machine caused many problems for Building BloQs. Since members would book and pay by the hour to use their supplies, they expected efficient, reliable service. It was crucial that Building BloQs could partner up with a supplier that had both quality equipment and expertise.

Building BloQs wanted to purchase more than just a product—they wanted a solution for their company. Because of this, they needed to get a machine that not only would work reliably for their members, but also one that could support them and their changing needs as Building BloQs continued to develop.

As our members pay hourly to use the workshop, we needed a machine which was fast, reliable and more importantly, easy to use. The SP500 delivers on all fronts as a large format machine.

Avninder Nanray
Co-Founder of Building BloQs

The development of a partnership.

The first step to Trotec and Building BloQs' continuing friendship was the acquisition of an SP laser cutter. Due to their previous laser cutter often breaking down, Building BloQs decided to trust Trotec to be their laser supplier. They made this decision not only because of the laser machine's quality and Trotec's reputation as industry leaders, but also because of the ongoing support they receive from Trotec's staff.

Since the first inquiry, Trotec was excited to learn more about Building BloQs and their goals. Their Trotec area manager was devoted to getting them the right machine for what they needed. This experience went extremely well, furthering the budding partnership between the two companies.

In June of 2017, Building BloQs hosted their first "Introduction to laser cutting" event using their SP500. Run by Trotec, attendees gained valuable knowledge from the experienced Trotec staff and got to see all the potential laser cutting applications. The teamup was a success and, as a result, future events are planned to take place.

Their laser cutter has also been a crucial factor in letting Building BloQs become more self-reliant, because it is used to create many in-house applications such as physical branding and workshop signage. It was also essential for Building BloQs to also order their materials from Trotec so that members could make the most of their scheduled workshop time. Trotec's flatbed and larger format lasers have JobControl laser software included, which contains a thorough paramaters database for every Trotec material.

Trotec's laser software with a comprehensive material database makes it easier for even first time users to get started straight away using our laser to produce their applications and for regular users to run repeat jobs, allowing them to make the best use of their time. The speed and reliability of the laser machine also helps our members to be more productive.

Avninder Nanray
Co-Founder of Building BloQs

Building internal applications and more with Trotec materials.

Building BloQs uses Trotec materials for their internal needs.

According to Avninder: "We didn't consider Trotec materials until after the purchase of our laser, but now we use them for all of our internal applications. Out of the Trotec range we particularly like the TroGlass series of acrylics, which are head and shoulders above the competitors. Our consumables area manager was also excellent. She sent us out different samples and once we saw them, we knew that we wanted to use them."

"While we exclusively use Trotec materials for Building BloQs projects, Trotec are quickly becoming our go to supplier for member projects as well."

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