From passion to business: Brandgood and the Speedy 400 laser cutter

With the introduction of the Speedy 400 laser cutter into their machinery park, the advertising producer Brandgood has doubled production speed and significantly expanded its product range.


Production of lightboxes, pylons, totems, wallpapers, illuminated signs, block letters, plaques, models, and foil wrapping


Poland, Ochojno

Laser machine

Speedy 400, 120 W

About BrandGood

Brandgood, run by the Golonka brothers for 35 years, specializes in model making as well as indoor and outdoor signage. With an ongoing passion for creation and the ability to adapt to clients' changing needs, it has become a leader in the advertising market.

In search of solutions for a rapidly growing company

With the dynamic expansion of their business, Brandgood had to cope with an increasing number of orders and higher customer expectations regarding the quality of their solutions. The technologies they had been using so far were not delivering the expected results in project execution, so they began to consider the use of new technology in their machinery park. Another reason for seeking further solutions was the long-standing passion of Maciej Golonka's - owner of the company - for model making, which requires cutting and engraving very small parts with exceptional precision.
The investment in laser technology was a step taken in response to the company's business growth. An increasing number of orders demanded faster production. Meeting these requirements was not possible using the technologies already present in the company's machinery park. Many tasks had to be outsourced, significantly increasing costs and production time.

Trotec laser cutter: halving production time and expanding product offerings

The owner of Brandgood decided on the Trotec laser, specifically the Speedy 400 model, as it was recommended by a trusted industry colleague. "The decision to purchase this machine, aside from the specifications, excellent design and ever-evolving laser solutions, stemmed from the fact that I have a friend who also uses a Trotec laser engraver and is thrilled with the machine," said Mr. Maciej Golonka. 
Trotec laser technology not only provided precision but also speed, significantly improving the production process. The quality and capabilities of Trotec lasers perfectly aligned with Brandgood's objectives, one of the most important of which is striving for excellence. The introduction of the Trotec Speedy 400 cutting and engraving plotter halved production time and opened up a world of possibilities for Brandgood in designing and executing various tasks. This laser system allows them to experiment with various materials, create intricate patterns and structures, and introduce innovative solutions to their projects. The benefits are numerous: increased production speed, improved precision, adaptability to different industries, and enhanced brand recognition. Thanks to these new capabilities, Brandgood not only succeeds in the domestic market but also gains recognition abroad, delivering projects for clients from various industries in Poland and beyond.

Furthermore, thanks to the results achieved using Trotec laser technology, Mr. Golonka's passion for modeling has transformed into another valuable offering in the company's increasingly diverse portfolio. They have completed prestigious orders for detailed models, including clients such as Tele-Fonika and the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine. The success story of Brandgood is evidence of how advanced technologies, such as Trotec laser cutting and engraving machines, can transform a business and open up new possibilities. The Speedy 400 has become an essential tool in the company's workshop, enabling the creation of projects that impress clients worldwide.

"It has never been the case that the machine was idle, the machine didn't work, and we had no one to turn to. Everything always works here, and when it doesn't, there is a friendly and helpful service that helps us solve all problems. I highly recommend this company."

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