Ameritape uses a Trotec to create strong customer relationships.

“We chose a Trotec laser because of its versatility.” - Tom Whipple

Ameritape is a distributer and converter of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, foams and label stock. They specialize in purchasing large log rolls of product from suppliers and custom slit them to meet the specifications of each customer. Most of their customers fall in the aerospace and electronics industries, however they do work with companies in the medical, retail, transportation and industrial distribution industries. Ameritape’s headquarters, located in Jacksonville, Florida, currently operates with a Speedy 400 120w to create customized adhesive solutions.

Ameritape contacted Trotec to create a more efficient and cost effective prototyping process.

Before purchasing a Trotec laser system, Ameritape performed prototyping for customers using steel roll dies, which was very time consuming and expensive. They were also experiencing limitations regarding customization. When processing VBH materials with a rotary or steel roll die, intricate details were difficult to achieve, which limited the number of custom jobs Ameritape could accept. To remedy the situation, Tom Whipple, president of Ameritape, decided to research purchasing a laser to find a solution that allowed them to create a more cost effective and efficient prototyping process as well as offer detailed, intricate solutions to their customers. After speaking with other laser manufacturers about their machine options, Tom reached out to Trotec.

“Our Trotec helps us fulfill customer needs a lot faster!” - Tom Whipple

Initially, Ameritape reached out to Universal Laser Systems to find a solution that addressed their prototyping processing needs. After experiencing the capabilities of the ULS systems, Tom Whipple contacted the Trotec sales representative in the area. After receiving a product demonstration, Ameritape found that the Speedy 400 was able to accommodate cutting of many different material types and drastically decrease prototyping production time and costs. Since purchasing their laser, Ameritape has been able to perform through-cuts, kiss cuts and intricate designs according to customer specifications with ease, which has allowed them to accept a wider range of custom jobs. In addition, customers can now receive prototypes within hours after ordering - thanks to their Trotec laser!

Ameritape uses a Trotec to create strong customer relationships.

In addition to speeding up prototyping and decreasing customer costs, Ameritape’s Speedy 400 has allowed them to create personalized promotional items to give to existing and potential customers. Tom Whipple explains that this unexpected processing avenue has allowed them to create long-lasting relationships with their customers on a more intimate level. These products also serve as continuous advertising for Ameritape, which has helped to increase repeat business.

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