The fastest laser available on the market today

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Maximum engraving speed for increased productivity

The Trotec Speedy 400 is the fastest laser engraver available today. With an engraving speed of 4.2 m/s and an acceleration of 5g, the Speedy 400 outperforms its competitors. The exceptional speed is made possible by two new innovations from the Trotec Research and Development team: the innovative motion system and the revolutionary drive concept. What does this mean for laser operators? Greater efficiencies with maximum possible productivity, with the highest quality standards.

Six times faster cutting with OptiMotion™

The new Speedy 400 is up to six times faster when laser cutting than competitors lasers. The OptiMotion™ system calculates and optimises the cutting speed and acceleration in real time based on the geometry. This feature has traditionally only been available in larger cutting systems, but is a true innovation in medium-sized engraving. OptiMotion™ delivers high quality curves and maximum productivity.

OptiMotion™ has been demonstrated to complete laser cut jobs up to 6 times faster than competitor lasers. Trotec Laser electronics and software systems continue to sets new standards. Calculations are so high-performance, that the path processed in real time using the ‘digital twin’ concept - a digital replica of the machine in the laser electronics. This means you get the best from both the machine and application.

Automatic speed adjustment

OptiMotion™ automatically adjusts to the optimal speed parameters. In other words: The operator only needs to select the power and speed required for laser cutting - regardless of the geometry and complexity of the cut lines. When processing the job, OptiMotion™ will adjust the speed and acceleration in real time to suit the geometry. The operator no longer needs to spend additional time when preparing the file for laser cutting to optimise the geometries.