Wood: What is possible with this material?

Get creative

As wood is such a popular material, we've creatd a range of different applicaions which use it. 

Trotec laserable woods

Trotec offer a range of different laserable woods which are perfectly suited to a range of different laser cutting and laser engraving applications.  Choose from Plywood, MDF, Solid and veneered woods, laserable cork and our environmentally friendly TroCraft eco material. All of these materials 

Results not as expected?

Relief laser engraving is a technique where the engraving result has different heights. This is achieved with gray shades in the graphic.  Relief engraving is suitable for different types of wood, including solid wood and MDF. It should be noted that certain types are not suitable for this process, such as alderwood, which tends to discolour quickly. Relief laser engraving is a technique which is perfect for creating a range of different eye catching applications such asawards and trophies.  Find out more in our detailed guide to relief laser engraving. Relief engraving

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