Wood: What is possible with this material?

Wood is one of the most popular laser cutting and engraving materials available on the market thanks to the range of applications that it is suitable for. Examples of standard applications include signage, model making, arts & crafts and much more. There are many different finishes for wood, including oak, walnut and many more, as well as different varieties such as solid and veneered wood.
When laser cutting and engraving, it is important to remember that as a natural material each wood sheet has different characteristics. Typically laser engraving darker woods creates
a lighter engraving, while laser engraving a light wood will create a darker engraving. This can allow you to create striking contrasts on your applications. 

In the following blog we offer a range of different application ideas for using wood. 

It's a living thing

Wood is a naturally rigid material, however, it is possible to create flexible applications and projects with wood. Kerf laser cutting is a process where the laser cuts the material in a way that it is capable of flexible movement. This technique is perfect for creating a range of different creative applications, such as book covers and in model making, and is also suitable for use when laser cutting acrylic.

To see the different cutting techniques and to download the design files, read our full kerf cutting guide.

Laser cutting technique - Kerf cutting

What a relief - Laser engraving technique

Relief laser engraving is a technique where the engraving result has different heights. This is achieved with grey shades in the graphic. 

Relief engraving is suitable for many different types of wood, including solid wood and MDF. It should be noted that certain types are not suitable for this process, such as alderwood, which tends to discolour quickly. Relief laser engraving is perfect for creating a range of different eye catching applications such as awards and trophies. 

Find out more in our detailed guide to relief laser engraving. You can also watch a video from our colleagues in Trotec Canada where they show you the application in action, processing a range of different woods. 

Relief engraving Video: 3D relief engraving

Get creative

As wood is such a popular material, we've created a range of different tutorials to allow you to experiment with it. Among our tutorials we show you how to created a printed game. 

Find many more applications in our tutorial section. 

DIY applications

Trotec laserable woods

In our broad range of materials we offer a wide selection of wood sheets which are perfectly suited to laser cutting and engraving. Alongside standard wooden products such as plywood, solid wood and MDF, we also offer a range of different wooden materials such as our LaserCork and TroCraft Eco ranges. LaserCork is a cork which has been specially selected for its results when laser cut and engraved, featuring a fine grain structue which means the material can be laser cut with a relatively low laser power.

TroCraft Eco is a material made from pure cellulose fiber and can be processed emission-free. The material is perfect for creative and crafty applications. Both TroCraft Eco and LaserCork are environmentally friendly materials. 

Visit our webshop today to discover the Trotec range.

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Results not as expected when processing Trotec woods?

If you haven't been able to achieve the laser engraving results desired when processing Trotec woods, we recommend the following:

  • To achieve a good colour contrast with wood, a Z-offset of approx. 2mm is helpful. Higher Z-Offset values will result in higher contrasts
  • If you want a fine detailed laser engraving result, reduce the laser engraving speed (around 20%) and use a Z-offset of maximum 2mm
  • If you are trying to create a white laser engraving result, do not use a lot of laser power
  • If the laser engraving result is weak at the edge, increase the correction value
  • For better laser engraving and laser cutting results, a good suction is helpful. To increase the suction place the wood in the laser machine and cover the rest of the table with a suitable material. Paper is one example of a suitable material
  • Our range of laser engraving wood products are natural wood sheets, meaning that they could look and react a little different every time they are processed. To find the right laser parameters, we suggest to make a test matrix prior to processing. 

For more tips and tricks for processing Trotec wood sheets, visit our engraving supplies website.

Laser engraving and laser cutting wood

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