Inner Geometries first

Don’t waste time with unsorted cutting lines

When laser engraving and laser cutting graphics, the machine starts by processing all engravings followed by the cutting portions, and the cuts are carried out sequentially as they are drawn. This can lead to the external contour being laser cut first and the workpiece can ultimately slip, tilt or even fall beneath the cutting table. The internal contours can then no longer be cut.

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Ordering your laser job parts

Ordering the cut lines - traditional methods:

  • In the identical order to which they need to be laser cut, draw you cut lines 
  • Prior to sending the data to your laser machine, sort the cut lines of your graphic manually
  • Using the Trotec material templates, assign varying colors to your cut lines. This will allow the cuts to be laser processed in the same order to which they are listed in the template
  • The most convenient and simplistic method to arrange your cut lines is by utilizing the "Inner geometries first" feature in the JobControl® Software. With just one mouse click, this feature can be activated and will sort your cut lines automatically

laser cutting line software

Processing the inner geometries first with JobControl®

When this feature is activated in JobControl, the cut lines are sorted automatically and the internal cut lines are process first, which greatly simplifies this process and saves you time. Additionally, the preset improves your application quality automatically, because the internal parts remain in place and cannot slip and the external contour is cut at the end.

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