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Laser Engraving Plastic Sheets

Everything you need to know about lasering advertising signs, directional signs, data plates, name tags.

How you can use a laser machine to engrave plastic sheets.

Multi-layer plastic sheets, often called laminates, are particularly popular for laser engraving. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are available in many colors and effects.

The 2 to 3-layer engraving plastics have a modified acrylic core and a thin top layer. Ideal for laser engraving and laser cutting. The laser machine removes the top layer quickly, without contact or post processing. The color of the core material appears.

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Which plastic sheets are suitable for laser engraving?

  • TroLase
  • TroLase ADA Signage
  • TroLase Foil
  • TroLase Lights
  • TroLase Metallic
  • TroLase Metallic Plus
  • TroLase Reverse
  • TroLase Thins

Why a laser machine is the right tool for engraving plastic sheets.
A comparison of technologies.

What you can do with engraving plastics and a Trotec laser machine.

What makes our customers successful when laser engraving plastic sheets?

“The Trotec SpeedMarker 700 laser marking machine has its work cut out with us, especially when it comes to marking plastics. The investment has definitely paid off and we’re 100% satisfied!”

Josef Struber

Quality Management - Metall- und Plastikwaren Putz

“We were enthusiastic about Trotec’s technical competence as soon as we had our preliminary talks. Thanks to the Trotec laser solution with a fully-automated shuttle table and the special tool holder, we’ve been able to increase our productivity by 60% compared to previous laser processing.”

Nico Landeck

Manufacturing Technology - Hoffmann + Krippner

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Which laser machine do you need to laser engrave plastic sheets?

Large-format laser cutting machine: SP-xP Series

The SP-xP Series laser cutters are the comprehensive solution for cutting large-format materials. Fast and reliable laser cutting for signage and display, furniture and interior design or films and foil cutting.

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High-performance laser engraver and cutter: Speedy series

The fastest laser engraver on the market helps you make your daily work more profitable. Whether you are just starting your business or want to increase your production capacity.

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Which plastic sheets we recommend for laser engraving.

Our Trotec plastic sheets are perfect for laser engraving and laser cutting using a CO2 laser. We offer different product lines of resistant, acrylic-based laserable materials. They boast the fastest processing times and the best results.

Trotec laser materials are available in one layer as well as in two and three layers for trophy signs or directional signs.


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