JobControl Vision

Software for Precise Laser Finishing of Printed Materials

Precise Laser Finishing with Vision Registration Software

Create amazing details and meet tightest tolerances with JobControl® Vision.

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"How to Create a Basic JobControl® Vision Application"

Precision processing for a wide array of materials 

JobControl® Vision replaces other 3rd party vision registration software. You can make perfect cuts every time without having to learn how to use new software. JobControl® Vision is integrated into your existing workflow, making JobControl® the most powerful, intuitive laser software on the market.

Printed signs, displays, and POS materials can be cut to exact specifications using laser technology and JobControl® Vision. With other methods, slight distortions of the printed design create unsatisfactory results. However, JobControl® Vision is an intelligent, easy-to-use system that recognizes any distortions in the printed design. Whether it is a linear, non-linear distortion, or a rotation, the cutting path is adjusted automatically and dynamically. The cutting lines always perfectly match the printed design on both flexible and rigid materials.

How it works

JobControl® Vision is able to recognize and compensate for any deviation by comparing registration marks on the pre-printed design and the target positions in the original cutting file. The software not only corrects rotations, it also adjusts the cutting path if the printed design is distorted or skewed.

JobControl® Vision is fully integrated with JobControl®, our user-friendly laser workflow software, so there is no additional software to install and learn.