Laser cutting for research institutes


Using laser cutters in universities and research institutes: Prototype construction, test set-ups and research projects are quickly realized using laser technology.

What added value does laser technology bring to universities?

In many specialist areas such as model making, industrial design, electronics development or mechanical engineering, this digital tool is already part of the standard workshop equipment. The laser cutter enables students to have a completely digital process: from the idea to the finished workpiece.

Whether at universities or colleges: laser technology enables students to develop and produce independently – and in a safe environment. Prototypes for innovative research projects are produced easily, quickly and safely. 

We’ll be happy to show you the variety of possibilities with laser technology.

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Why research projects are more successful with a Trotec laser machine.

What can be done.

How to cover the costs of the laser machine

Pricing is an important factor in the education sector too. These examples give an insight into the running costs and investment costs. This gives you a good overview of the current hourly machine rate.

Development in a safe environment.

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Which laser machine is needed in research?

Safe and digital – the laser engravers and cutters of the Speedy series are the laser machines for the education sector. Not only are they the safest laser machines, they’re also the most intelligent. Simultaneous preparation of laser jobs by different users – whether in the lab, in the workshop or in the office. The Ruby laser software makes this possible.

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What our customers say.

"Trotec Laser is interesting for us for several reasons. Firstly, the laser machines themselves are very high-quality devices. On the other hand, regional connections are important to us, which enables us to provide rapid service on site and supports an active exchange of information about new developments and improvements."

Dr. Martin Kaltenbrunner

Head of Institute, Johannes Kepler University: Institute for Experimental Physics, Department of Soft Matter Physics

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"At our busy periods the machine is in constant use morning to evening. The speed of processing has meant we can get a lot more jobs through in that time and the ease of use along with accuracy enables faster operation and less wastage, especially important for us given the number of machine users and different projects going on at any one time."

John O'Shea

Technical Officer, University College Dublin

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“The service we’ve received from Trotec has been excellent. From installation to aftersales we can rely on Trotec as our supplier of choice."

Dr. David Whitehead

Senior Experimental Officer, Department of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering

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Prototype construction, test set-ups and research & art projects - discover the variety of possibilities.

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