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An overview of laser engraving methods and benefits

Advantages of laser engraving​​

Increased safety

Laser engraving is a process that requires no direct contact or fixation of the workpiece during operation. Housed within a fully sealed enclosure, the laser machines provide the highest level of safety available for users, unlike other conventional manual engraving systems. Additionally, Trotec machines offer the additional safety measure of not having any moving parts, which can potentially injure a user.

Edges with sharp & fine details

Engraving with a laser system will produce both edges that are clean cut, and high-quality fine details. Lasers are also designed to be environmentally friendly, especially when paired with the proper exhaust system from Trotec.

Process more in less time

Laser systems increase productivity and efficiency by operating at optimal speeds.


All Trotec laser systems are designed to be extremely user-friendly, and are equipped with an intuitive user interface. From beginners to advanced users, our machines are suited for consumers with any level of experience. Standard graphics programs are compatible with the machines included software, and generating your designs couldn’t be easier.

Reliable and profitable

Trotec machines are designed and built with superior quality, reliability, and performance in mind. Our state-of-the-art systems are so highly-capable that completing even the most challenging applications can be done quickly and with ease. Being equipped with a Trotec laser fitted for your business needs will allow you to expand opportunities and gain new customers. The turn-around on your laser investment will be seen in the endless possibilities gained, and is a secure investment that will pay off quickly and in the long run.

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How does laser engraving work?