Custom promotional products

Laser engraving on promotional items such as key rings, drinking bottles, glasses – leave a lasting impression on your customers with personalized merchandise.

How laser engraving creates added value in the personalization of promotional items.

A laser machine is the ideal tool for engraving promotional gifts individually and productively. Laser engraving turns a standard product into something unique. This increases the sales value.

Engrave wood, acrylic, textiles or glass with a CO2 laser machine. Using a fiber laser, you can easily label and mark metals (stainless steel, natural aluminum…) or plastics (polycarbonate, polyamide…). In the advertising industry, many retailers offer a similar, usually imported product range. Often the cheapest price is decisive in the choice of supplier. With a high-quality engraving and a well thought-out product portfolio, you’ll stand out from the competition.

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Why the laser engraving of promotional products makes sense. A comparison of technologies.

What can be done.

How to make money from personalizing promotional items.

Pricing is the be-all and end-all for every company. These examples give an initial insight into purchase and sales prices. Good to know: The engraving costs include the operating costs of the machine, depreciation, personnel costs for file processing and machine use.

What does it take to laser engrave promotional items successfully?
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Which laser machine is needed for the laser engraving of promotional items?

Whether you’re just starting your business, increasing your production capacity or you want to make your daily activities more profitable – the laser engravers and cutters of the Speedy series are the perfect choice. They offer a real competitive advantage: They create significant added value for products made of wood, plastic or glass. Discover the speed, intelligent functions and the innovative technical design.

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What our customers say.

“Our company chose a Trotec laser engraver because we need a highly professional and high-speed machine in order to provide our customers with a very good service. The machine also needs to be durable and reliable. Trotec offers all of this. This makes us happy in our work and the customer is happy with the result.”

Sascha Langner

Managing Director - monsterzeug.de (Hannover, Germany)

“Compact design and high-quality processing; this was primarily the purchase decision for a Trotec laser system. The good advice and follow-up support confirmed this decision. We use our Trotec Speedy 100R in a variety of ways for the production of stamps, promotional materials and club supplies.”

Thomas Horn

Managing Director - Werbetechnik Horn (Pegau, Germany)

“We use Trotec lasers because they are optimally adjusted to laserable promotional items and boast impressive precision and reliability.”

Mr Kühnl

Production Manager - Lübbecker Spielkarten (Lübbecke, Germany)


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What does it take to be successful with laser-engraved promotional gifts?

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