Laser education - Ways to use a laser in schools

Advantages of laser cutting for students

Laser technology is an indispensable production method in many industries. Within schools, laser cutters are constantly being integrated into the curriculum as a way to give students transferable skills for their future careers. One of the most common subjects that utilises laser machines is design and technology, where students can process a wide range of materials and bring the designs that they create to life. Examples of the materials used in this subject include woods, acrylic, metals and plastics. Whilst traditionally many tools in a D&T classroom are used for specific materials, the capability of the laser to process a wide range of material really allows students to be creative and efficiently use their time when working on projects. 

But this isn't the only subject that can make use of laser technology. Other subject areas include art, textiles, engineering and even food technology. Thanks to its processing capabilities, a laser isn't limited to simple laser engraving and cutting processes. For example, different laser engraving techniques such as photo engraving can be integrated into the subject. The Trotec laser software features a photo processing mode which sends photos to the laser in a way optimised for laser processing. This makes bringing photos to life a simple, time efficient process, ideal for art and graphic classes.

Whatever subject it is used for, students are only limited by their imagination, allowing them to explore a wide range of creative possibilities. Laser technology also compliments traditional material processing methods allowing students to gain a wide range of skills.

To discover more ways that students can benefit from laser cutter education, visit our dedicated application page. 

Laser technology in schools

Laser cutting for staff

What's more, a laser machine offers benefits to the school as well as students. Examples of how staff can use a laser cutter include creating practical applications, such as signage, name plaques, set displays for creative arts & engraving awards for students all of which can save on outsourcing costs. The laser can also be used to create extra-curricular clubs for students who do not have access to the technology during their study times. 

The laser cutter is also a great tool to have during school open days. Incorporating laser technology into these events allows staff to showcase potential students what they can create during their studies, create giveaways for prospective students and gives them an insight into the skills they could develop for their future career.

Laser cutting in universities

Laser technology is also commonly found in universities. The same benefits apply to university students, although the range of applications are broader. In subjects such as architectural design, laser technology allows highly detailed laser engraving results to be produced for models, while the speed of processing also allows for high throughput allowing them to make the best use of their allotted laser time. 

An additional way that some universities make use of laser technology is to include "fablabs" within the university. These spaces offer students a creative outlet where they can use the laser machines at any point.

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Integrating laser technology into schools - Which laser is best?

Once you've decided to incorporate a laser cutter for schools into your establishment, there are a number of different factors which you need to consider. Whilst you may have an idea of what machine you'd like, once you find out the possibilities of laser technology you may find that you arrive at a different conclusion and that your initial choice is not the best option. In our blog we have covered a range of key points to consider when considering integrating laser technology into your curriculum.

Which laser is right for my school?

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