Laser Cutting of Architectural and Other Models

Laser applications in model making

laser cutting for model makers

Laser applications in model making

Laser technology in model making - always an advantage

Since Trotec laser machines are so versatile, you can work with virtually any material that is typically used for cutting and engraving architectural models: textiles, synthetic materials, wood, veneer, MDF, PMMA, cardboard, paper, foam, polystrene, foils and films, acrylic, plastics, and many more.

Maximum precision

Laser technology offers unbeatable advantages for model making, whether you are creating models for homes, railways, or other architectural elements. Draw your designs in a CAD program and the laser will cut with maximum precision and detail. The cuts are precise and clean – no other post-processing is required.

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Using Trotec laser cutting machines can help you save up to 80% compared to manual production, significantly reducing the production time for cutting the individual components.


Why Trotec

Easy use

Operating a Trotec laser system is as easy as operating a printer. Layouts for architectural models are printed directly from the design program, and the laser parameters are indicated. You can thus be certain that the laser will cut your model buildings quickly and reliably.

Flexibility - in material and application

Many different materials are used in architectural model making: textiles, wood, veneer, MDF, synthetic materials, plastics, PMMA, cardboard, paper, foam, polystyrene, foils and films, acrylic, and many more. These materials require different treatment by the laser in order to achieve optimum results. Trotec offers a wide range of useful tools for this purpose: vacuum table, pass-through, different lenses, gas kit, and many more.

Maximum precision and detail

With laser technology, you can produce even the finest geometries with maximum precision. This gives you complete freedom when designing your models. And through first-class engraving of surface textures and façade structures, you can produce presentation and competition models of the highest quality and detail.

One tool for all geometries

Milling requires a different tool head for different materials, geometries and material strengths. The laser beam is the universal tool for all geometries and material strengths.

Perfect cutting and engraving results

Trotec lasers can be used for both cutting and engraving with maximum precision. High-quality axis drives and intelligent air flow of the Trotec lasers ensure that the results are always optimal. Engrave surface textures and façade structures and cut building models with maximum quality and detail.

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